Super Speed USB 3.0 Portable Drive – New Transcend SSD18C3 Hard Drive

Transcend has recently announced a new addition to its SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drives collection. The new SSD18C3 portable solid state drive is really super speed with amazing data transfer rate. This new USB 3.0 SSD18C3 portable SSD hard drive combines with a benefit of USB 3.0 with amazing performance and durability. The USB 3.0 SSD18C3 has a solid state technology which provides speed and stability where no other portable hard drive can compete with it. Check out the features of SSD18C3 in the below post under each category. You should be always Be Smart In Selecting a Portable Drive when there are a lot available in the market.

SSD18C3 Turbo Mode and Compatibility :


Transcend already have few amazing external drives with 3.0 USB support. Some of these portable hard drives are equally fast comparative to other similar drives in market. But the new USB 3.0 SSD18C3 will definitely bring a better impression in the market with its amazing features. The new USB 3.0 SSD18C3 has a turbo mode where the data transfer rates up to 260 MB/s. The drive is a true solid state drive with high quality NAND flash memory which includes device driver engineering. This will enhance USB transfer speed dramatically and once it is installed any where, the SSD will switch into Turbo mode and boosts the data transfer speed up to an amazing 260 MB/s when connected to a 3.0 port. Don’t expect the SSD18C3 to be running with that amazing speed if your port is a 2.0 USB.

The amazing performance of USB 3.0 SSD18C3 makes it a ideal storage solution for read intensive applications. It just takes 15seconds to process a entire DVD movie on to your computer. The SSD is also compatible with 2.o and ensures users to transfer files on computer even without a super speed USB 3.0 port.

SSD18C3 Architecture :

The USB 3.0 SSD18C3 in spite being a moving part will never makes sound when it is run anywhere. The silent and cool internal SSD will make you feel like it is not connected anywhere. The USB 3.0 SSD18C3 can withstand excessive shock or vibration. It has a vibration absorbing and slip resistant silicone in its outer shell. The amazing robust housing and shockproof storage technology makes the  SSD18C3 perfect for users who need very high performance without having any worry about the accidental impact damage. The USB 3.0 SSD18C3 is ultra light and easy to carry.

SSD18C3 One Touch Auto Backup :

The SSD18C3 drive has amazing state of the art features which includes an extremely convenient one touch auto backup button. This one touch backup system can be enabled with a preloaded backup manager software which allows the users to instantly backup and sync the data with one easy button press. The users can download data management tools to help them use their SSD more productively. Like the automatic website authentication or checking non web based email accounts remotely by just plugging the SSD into any computer with Internet access.

SSD18C3  Price :

The new USB 3.0 SSD18C3 Solid State Drive is now available for a suggested price of Rs : 11,200/- ($224) for the 64GB and Rs:22,400 ($448) for the $128GB model.  Which is completely worth buying. May be the prices may vary according to the market in the upcoming days, but these are the standard rates announce by the Transcend Information, Inc.

If you have any queries on this article , please leave a comment below to clarify it. Hope you liked out review on SSD18C3 Hard Drive.


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