Customize Your Windows OS with Amazing Free Desktop Enhancements

We generally love to customize windows as much as we can. We want to see our operating system with good graphics and themes no matter how slow our system functions. Today we have a lot of free software’s to customize windows in a simple way. You can transform your boring windows operating system into a amazing modern look by just installing some applications. No matter you are using windows XP or 7, you can customize windows by installing Linux UBUNTU or MAC skins as many as you want. Its really hard to keep updating the operating system every time a new version of OS is out in market. So we are introducing you some amazing software’s for your PC which will really change the way you see your operating system. The look and feel of these applications will make you feel your operating system amazing. You can completely customize windows skins the way you want. Lets check out some of the most famous Windows Theme Customizing software’s.

Few Free Software’s to Customize Windows :

1) Windows Skin/ Theme Modifier:

There are many software’s which offer a complete change to the look and feel of  your windows Operating System. Now you can change the look and feel of your operating system by installing any of the skin modifier and apply a unique skin to your operating system.

Windows Blinds : Windows Blinds is one among  such skin changing software. It has many features which include

  • Modify Aero – We can tweak any of the Windows Aero themes or any of the downloaded skins to your liking.
  • Change skin fonts – Loud or Soft, Traditional or Modern, you can use any kind of fonts you like.
  • Adjust transparency – You can  adjust the transparency of the skin. i.e you can make the skin the center of attraction or you allow them to blend into the background.
  • Below is a screenshot of a Windows Blinds theme.

customize windows

You can download the free version of Windows Blind here . There are a lot of themes in the internet now. Just Google them and you can find millions of amazing skins for free. You should have minimum requirements like : Windows 7/Vista (32 & 64-bit) and 32-bit Windows XP to run this software.

Similar softwares: Style XP , Brico Pack Crystal XP.

2) Transformation Packs:

By using these transformation packs, users can completely transform the look of Windows operating system to make it look like a advanced operating system like windows 7 and 8, even if you are using windows xp. But if you like the new release of Ubuntu 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot”. What can you do about that? For people who like the look and feel of other operating systems but like to continue on windows platform, are most lucky to find these Transformation packs. Because you can enjoy the look and feel of that operating system in your own windows OS. You can download this theme of Ubuntu 11 and install it in windows operating system.

customize windows

You can download a lot of other transformation packs for free. Just type for transformation packs in Google or any other search engine.

3) Docks:

These Docks will have awesome GUI element which provides the user with a way of launching, monitoring and switching between the running programs or applications. Here are some of the examples of dock software’s

Rocket Dock :

customize windows

XWindows Dock :

customize windows

Circle Dock:

customize windows

May be most of us know about these desktop enhancements, but this is for people who want to see their windows OS in a new look. And a lot of other desktop enhancements are available to download for your PC. You can also find some more official dock skin’s for windows all over the Google. I hope you have liked our article. Please share this with your friends. Please let me know, if you have any query regarding these above docks. I would be happy to respond you back.

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