BitTorrent 7.6 Client for Windows – Advance Torrent Features, New Apps

You must be wondering why BitTorrent 7.6 client? Well there are a lot of torrent downloading clients in Internet. Out of them, Bit Torrent is one of the most famous and powerful torrent downloading client. Recently BitTorrent has released its new version called BitTorrent 7.6. This version has got some amazing features and additional options, which will not allow you to leave. The recent update has few additional features and options, which are really useful in our busy life. Most of us are very lazy to search Internet for torrents. We always wanted a simple way to download the data from Internet. BitTorrent 7.6 client has made our work easy by adding a amazing feature called Apps. In this you can add any additional app to your client and get a direct info from it. I will discuss more about it in the below post. Let me give you the brief description of what exactly BitTorrent 7.6 client has.

BitTorrent 7.6 Client New Features :

BitTorrent 7.6 client will make your downloads faster and simpler. It is packed with some additional features as mentioned below. Some of them are :

1) Discovery : You can easily connect with lots of featured content like latest artists, songs, albums and other additional info.

2) Speed : The downloads are more faster and better. BitTorrent 7.6 is very light and doesn’t hog your system resources.

3) Simple : BitTorrent 7.6 interface is very simple. You can download and play cool stuff when ever you want.

4) Advanced : The latest µTP protocol will maximize the use of network bandwidth and reduce the congestion. You can make VoIP calls, use Skype, play games, stream live video and etc.

5) Reliable : You can always trust the open source protocol of BitTorrent 7.6. You can have access to the latest technologies and news.

6) Customized : You can customize BitTorrent 7.6 the way you want. You can add new features, skin your client and add additional apps.

7) Plug-n-Play : You can install BitTorrent 7.6 in a simple way where you no need to set up any additional networks or conductivities. BitTorrent 7.6 will have the default industry standard network technologies to prepare your router for torrent access.

8 ) Smart : BitTorrent 7.6 is very intelligent. It can auto adjust the bandwidth usage based upon your network and Internet. You can use a lot of applications in the client itself. There will be no interference anywhere in your regular torrent downloads.

Apart from these amazing features. There are a lot of other features. You can really speed up the downloads in your BitTorrent 7.6 by just adding few trackers into it. The simple and easy interface is very smooth and light. As you can see a screenshot below, BitTorrent 7.6 has a inbuilt player which can play your downloaded files their itself. It will ask you to select the file you wanted to play, and then play it from the BitTorrent 7.6 client itself. This will save your system resources and time. In-fact you can directly see a option beside the torrent as play. (only if it is audio or a video file)

BitTorrent 7.6 client

As you can a file named Awesome the above screenshot. And has a Play option in the last column. Similarly you will find the same option when you download any video file.

Apart from this above feature, you can also add your favorite apps in your BitTorrent 7.6 client. You will see a small column in the right side panel named as Apps. This will allow you to add new apps, games, and other latest addons. Just take a look at the list of available apps installed in our BitTorrent 7.6 client app page. We have installed few famous apps like Khan Academy, TED, Zulu music and some games. You can find these famous apps in the default app page of BitTorrent 7.6 client. You can add any number of apps.

BitTorrent 7.6 client

As you can see in above screenshot where TED app is directly giving all the information right on the BitTorrent 7.6 client itself. So there will no necessity for you to go youtube and work hard for downloading the videos. You can simply press download from BitTorrent 7.6 client and see the file in your Torrent list downloading with super speed. There are a lot of other apps like Free audio downloads, Sick of Sarah, Games, Social Library, This Developers life, A lonely place to die, Suprnova, and other Live TV’s.  You will be exploring BitTorrent 7.6 client with new apps and new downloads when installed.

Apart from these amazing features, there are a lot other additional options in the client itself. If you are upgrading to a pro version, You can be able to enjoy more additional features.Just check out the information from the official site and download the free BitTorrent 7.6 file here.

Download BitTorrent 7.6 Client

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