BSNL Penta Vs Aakash Tablet ? – Penta T-Pad IS701R for Just Rs: 3,250

With the new BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R, India has registered another cheapest tablet in World. Now, Will BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R take cover Aakash tablet market in India ?  This is the biggest doubt revolving in everyone’s mind now. Well, to be frank, The new BSNL Penta T-Pad IS701R will surely take over Aakash tablet in coming days. This new Penta Tablet will cost you Rs:3250/- may be this little expensive when compared with Aakash, But a lot better than other costly tabs. Penta will surely be a super success in coming days. Because many people who have already used the limited version of Aakash tablet are extremely disappointed with its performance. Already lakhs of people are  waiting for Aakash tablet from months now. Still there is no proper response from Aakash developers and even from Government. So people in India will definitely buy BSNL Penta T-Pad for sure. When compared to Aakash Tablet, BSNL Penta T-Pad is lot better in some areas. We will discuss about them in the below post. But first let me tell you that, this new tablet from BSNL will surely have a tremendous growth in Indian market. These BSNL Penta tablets were manufactured by Pantal, which is a Nodia based telecom company which has produced many products already.

This Friday, BSNL has released 3 new Tablets in association with Pantal Company. One of the most attractive tablet which got everyone’s attentions was Penta T-Pad IS701R. This tablet was priced Rs:3250 without BSNL 2G plan and Rs: 3499 with BSNL 2G. This tablet will be available for anyone who will pre-book it in advance. We will mention the link below, so that you can pre-book your tablet. The delivery of Penta T-Pad IS701R will start from March 5th 2012. So, as soon as you book the tablet, it will delivered within 2 weeks time. You have to mention your complete details like Name, Phone, Address and Email .The team will get back to you as soon as possible and make the delivery of T-Pad IS701R. If you are one among those people who have been waiting for Aakash for months now, you can surely take a look at this product. This will really make you feel better than Aakash Tablet. Also i like the amazing strategy of our Indian government to produce competition between themselves. Giving no space to others, the both tablets are fighting each other to conquer the market.

More over, Penta TPAD IS701R is a Powerful tablet with an amazing and affordable price of Rs:3250. It has Android 2.3 OS pre-installed into it. And a 7” resistive touch screen (TFT Display) with a 1GHz processor and inbuilt DDR II 256Mb RAM. The Penta TPAD IS701R  can give you the best performance in the entry level category. You can control it with your single finger touch mode and browse the web wirelessly. Also you can enjoy media playback in your Penta TPAD IS701R. The built in 2GB memory can be expanded up to 32GB by using the on-board TF card slot. Apart from these above mentioned features, there are few other amazing features like.

Few Amazing Features of BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R :

1) You can browse the web, watch YouTube videos, check your mails and do a lot of other daily activities which you do in your PC.
2) The High speed 1GHz processor and DDR 2 RAM will pace up the apps very fast.
3) You can find a Integrated HDMI port to connect your LED/LCD TV.
4) It can play popular videos, music, and all types of photo formats.
5) You can download and install any Google android apps compatible with Android 2.3.
6) You can connect your TPAD IS701R  to Internet wirelessly with High speed networking support (Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g) .
7) Its very easy access emails, MS -Office and Games in TPAD IS701R.
8 ) You can experience the power of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter at your finger tips.
9) Seamless Digital media experience.
10) E-book reader.
11) Rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

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BSNL Launches Penta Tablet for Rs 3,250 to Rival Aakash Tablet

Technical Specifications of BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R :

If we take a look at the technical specifications of BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R , its quite interesting to know that even Aakash 2 has the same features. But the main difference is the service, proper response to people and delivering the product at right time.  Just take a look at the screen shot given below.


As you can see that there is no much difference between Aakash 2 and BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R, still you can find some like BSNL 2G connection and quick delivery of the product. Also Aakash had many problems with the battery life. But Penta TPAD IS701R is considered to be good at battery life and also the performance. Aakash 2 commercial version is Rs : 2999 where as Penta TPAD IS701R is just few hundreds more than Aakash 2. You can get your Penta TPAD IS701R for just Rs : 3250.

Also their is a special launch offer with 3 month of data download free. Penta TPAD IS701R will be connect with a BSNL 2G Sim connection  as a bundled special Penta data plan. If the customer uses this special plan of Penta 2G plan for 12months, he can recover the entire cost of the tablet, making it free for the user.

And the brand new Aakash, sold at the revolutionary price of just 41$ (that is approx. 2,500 rupees) has already clocked 1.4 million bookings. Many games are now specifically designed for tablets and the players can enjoy countless hours of fun by playing their old favourites games (slots, blackjack, and roulette) and some new ones.  Gaming using these tablets offers a wide range of benefits for the users, for example: bigger screen displays, longer battery lifespan and the opportunity to connect with other members

You can pre-book your Penta TPAD IS701R in the official site of Pantal company. You have to just enter your genuine details to get the tab deliverd to your home withing 10 days. Take a look at the screenshot below to see how it look after finishing the pre-booking of Penta TPAD IS701R.


To pre-book your Penta TPAD IS701R, you can just click here : Pre-book Penta TPAD IS701R without BSNL 2G (Rs : 3250)  and click the below link if want to pre-book Pre-book Penta TPAD IS701R with BSNL 2G (Rs : 3499) . I am very confident that Aakash market will be soon collapsed with BSNL Penta TPAD IS701R.

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