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If you are using a Nokia Symbian Smart Phone and want to try the new Windows 7 interface, then try to read this article. You can actually change the look and feel of your Symbian phone to latest windows mobile with a small Symbian application called WPEmu. This application is based on Flash lite which will change the interface of your Symbian phone to latest windows 7 mobile phone. This application is really useful to make your phone look amazing with new Windows look. You can infact get a lot of benefits from this application for just Rs:10/- Earlier it was Rs:50 ($1) but for now its just 0.20$ and this app is developed to give you a Windows Phone experience on your Symbian smartphone.

Reasons for Converting Symbian to Windows Phone  – WPEmu Features

WPEmu application has offered Tiles UI, Scrollable home screen, Battery and signals indicator, Dialer in their earlier version. But now with a latest v2.2.5 version release, they are offering few more features like

1) You can change the tiles color with 10 different original colors.
2) A New Settings Hub and New Lock Screen.
3) Better panoramic view with some tweaks in all hubs.
4) Battery and Signals information in settings hub.
5) All apps button has been removed.
6) Faster scrolling with Picture, Music tiles.
7) Bigger date text and close button moved to menu.

converting symbian to windows phone

Just follow the simple steps given below to install this app in your Nokia Symbian Smartphone. If you are worried about the model name and phone type, just ignore it for now. You can get those details in this below steps.

Converting Symbian to Windows phone Interface:

Before converting Symbian to windows phone, you have to first make sure that your phone supports Symbian applications. Which means your phone should be a Symbian Smartphone. If you want to check the phone model for compatibility, you can select the model in step 1 below.

Step 1: Click here to go to the Official Nokia Store for downloading this app.

Step 2:  Now you have to check whether your phone is compatible with this app or not. To do this, you have to click on (Set device) which is located on the upper part of the site header. Check out the screenshot for clear idea.

converting symbian to windows phone
Step 3: Select your Symbian Smartphone here. It is suggested to login to your Nokia Account to proceed further. This will be useful when you are trying to install the application.

Step 4: Make sure you have installed Nokia PC Suite in your PC and connected your Symbian Smartphone to your PC via data cable.

Step 5:  Now Click on Download Via PC or Download on phone. Note that if you click the first option Download via PC, you have to install the app via Nokia PC Suite and if you click on the second option Download as Phone, you can install the app via Nokia Drop.

converting symbian to windows phone

Step 6: After selecting any one of the above methods, the app will be installed in your Phone. Now check and run the application where it will restart your phone if necessary and turn the complete look of your Symbian Smartphone to new Windows phone.

I hope you all liked this simple trick to convert your Symbian Smartphone to Windows phone. If you got any queries on converting Symbian to windows phone, drop us a comment.

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