Crysis 3 Set To Release in the fall of 2013 – Preview & Special Packs

Crytek, the award winning developer is back with Crysis 3. Set in 2047, Prophet is  on a “revenge mission” after discovering the truth behind Cell’s motives for building the quarantined Nanodomes. It’s you, one of the most advanced human made super soldier the humans have ever devised. You happen to be the most elite and experienced soldier on the line. Its you who is going to battle out all the enemy forces in the city and hostile terrains. You better adapt or you die. New York needs to be tamed, and it needs your help. You might have to move from building to building, sneak around enemies so you don’t catch a lot of attention. That might be helpful, but not when half of it has been replaced by swamp, better enemies, better weapons. Better combat system, your suite will have all the necessary tools that you need to survive the enemy attacks. Depending on how you use it will determine if you are a predator or the prey.

Crysis 3

 You might have played Crysis 1 or Crysis 2 and might have soon realized that New York is never going to be the same again. You might have had allies who held your back, fought intense battles, trusted you with their own life. But now, you fight for the fallen, it’s only the thirst for vengeance that you seek. New York lies covered by a giant nanodome, hidden from the rest of the world. You now fight the aliens, its your turn to stalk them, its you who need to hunt them down til zero. No mercy. For almost a decade the CryENGINE has stood as the industry example of consistently improving, cutting-edge game development software. If you played the parts 1 and 2 you might have observed that the was based on the real locations of the New York city, but now it’s going to be different. As the alien invasion is imminent, buildings destroyed, most of the structures damaged are replaced with swamps,vines,trees,marshy waters and other terrains held captive by the aliens.

Crysis 3

So you are the one to clear the New York city from the aliens end to end and make sure no hostiles are left alive. Apart from your quests, the new Crysis engine is going to offer you something even more advanced that the graphics are just gonna have you star struck while your playing,marveling at the stop-and-stare graphics. Experimenting with industry leading physics, stalking your hostiles, all in a single box. The new and improved CryENGINE will be taking your expectations and  gaming experience to a whole new level.

 Crytek is offering few game packs/editions depending on the play style that you would prefer.

Crysis 3 Special Packs:

Hunter Edition:

The pack is for the hunters who can hunt down enemies with 100% accuracy. Crysis 3 Hunter Edition is available for pre-orders from today for $60 or £40. It will give you early access to new signature bow additions and attachments and includes a bonus XP boost up to level five, a unique bow skin, and three exclusive dog tags

Stalker Pack:

This pack is for those sneaky little players who like to stalk their prey. This Stalker Pack can provide a early mulit-player access to the semi-auto Jackal shotgun, which comes with a unique silencer attachment and you can custom your weapon skin. The two exclusive themed dog tags are amazing too.

Overkill Pack:

This pack for those people who just cant get enough kills. It will give you access to the Typhoon assault weapon and skin. It can spew 500 rounds in a second and gives the player a ability to go guns blazing. Even this pack includes two in-game theme dog tags.

Predator Pack:

Predator Pack unlocks the Feline submachine gun and a exclusive camo. With an extremely fast rate of fire and a 60 round magazine.

So we say, there’s lot to expect from 2013, it’s not the end of the world and stay updated with Coolpctips to find out more insights about Crysis 3 and other equally exciting games as we always keep an eye open for such games. Take a look at the official trailer released recently this April 24th.

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