How to Use Your Own Custom Images/ Pics as Emoticons in Facebook Chat

Well for most of us, facebook chat emoticons are just unavoidable while having conversations. But there is a different way out in the facebook chat system. We can actually use our own pictures to make facebook custom emoticons and use them in facebook chat. Mostly you can use this pictures while chatting with your friends. This article will briefly explain to you how you can make your own facebook custom emoticons. Not rocket science really, just a bit of understanding how facebook servers and engines work. Its really very simple to understand and try your own custom emoticons.

Making your Own Facebook Custom Emoticons:

Let us surf through basics and understand facebook better. Visit your friend’s (or your) profile and observe the address bar. It’s gonna look something like this  (One of my friend’s actual profile, visit him just in-case you wanna troll him). Anyway, what you need to know here is that “sarthak.raj1” is the profile ID. Copy this and paste it in your friends chat window to see how it displays your friend’s display picture.

facebook custom emoticons

Now that we know the profile ID, just place the id in between “[[” and “]]”  like this [[sarthak.raj1]]. And press enter.

facebook custom emoticons

Now the image automatically changes to the present display picture the profile ID is holding. Hope you understood how this actually works, now lets move forward and customize our very own image for chat. Now the bad thing is that, the picture is too small and isn’t actually clear, we need multiple pictures that cluster together to form a single picture. For this you’ll need to read on. My friend Sarthak was very kind to accept and allow me to use his profile picture in this article, now that we have his personal details, its time to troll him.

Here’s a picture of my friend that we are gonna use as a chat image.

facebook custom emoticons

Moving on, we are gonna need certain tools, let us split the picture into 2X4 format so that it will be easy for us to upload on facebook and use it as a chat image. In this post, I’m gonna use Photoshop CS 4 for cutting the picture into 4 X 2 format. And of course temporary facebook page to upload my files in parts.

facebook custom emoticons

We’ve made some guidelines and gonna cut off these into pieces and save them as different pictures. You can use this method as it is the simplest, if you do know Photoshop, We suggest you to use this method. Well if you don’t you can do it in paint too. So its up to you again. Now that the splitting the image into 8 different images is complete. Just upload them on the temporary facebook page we have created earlier. You can make your own page here in 3 steps.

facebook custom emoticons

Now here’s the tricky part. Take a look at the URL now : . Now we copy the Id’s of the all 8 pictures, in this case its 217701121664596, and create a sequence like..


Remember that we have uploaded 8 parts of these above pictures in our facebook page. You have to collect all these picture id’s from all 8 pictures and make them in the following sequence mentioned below.  Just paste all the codes of these pictures in order to make it look like a complete picture. Take a look at the pictures and album in facebook we made. Click here to analyze how we uploaded the pictures.

[[217701121664596]] [[217701158331259]]
[[217701188331256]] [[217701214997920]]
[[217701238331251]] [[217701268331248]]
[[217701291664579]] [[217701314997910]]

facebook custom emoticons

That’s it, just paste the whole code in your friend’s chat box and surprise them. If you have any queries on this article and need some help, we are always ready to help you. Just leave a comment or mail from the contact us page. We are eagerly waiting for your comments. Hope you will have fun with your own facebook custom emoticons.

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