How To Change Your Primary Facebook Network

Networks on Facebook used to be a way to stay connected to people around you who either stayed at the same location, went to the same school, worked at the same place, or something similar. You could choose what networks you wanted to be a part of, and could set one as your primary network, which would appear next to your name when people searched for you. It was a great way to find people based on their location, school, college or occupation, because there’s probably a 1000 ‘John Smiths’ out there, and the only way to find out the one who worked with you was by checking their network. Unfortunately though, with the Facebook revamp, the option to change your primary network was removed. There is still an option in General Account Settings for ‘Networks’, but it doesn’t do anything, expanding it just gives the message “Your primary network will appear next to your name.”

In the Facebook revamp, whatever position, workplace or school/college you updated last would appear as your primary network, even if it wasn’t one you wanted to display. The option to join a network or change your primary network may have been removed, but there’s still an easy way to change what network appears next to your name. Read on to find out how to change your primary Facebook network!

Changing Your Primary Facebook Network in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1 – Go to your Profile and click the little Pencil icon on the top right of the ‘About’ section and click ‘Update Info’.

How To Change Your Primary Facebook Network Step 1

Step 2 – Update your profile information with all your details, add dates attended as well. Now click ‘Done editing’. By default, the most recent detail will be your primary network.

Step 3 – Now, hover over the workplace/school/college name that you’re a part of and want to appear next to your name, and click ‘Edit’. Update any details if you want to, or if there’s nothing to update, simply click ‘Save changes’.

How To Change Your Primary Facebook Network Step 2 and 3

Now when you hover over your name anywhere on Facebook, the last edited part of your Work and Education section will appear next to your name. Even if it’s not the most recent position you’ve acquired, simply clicking ‘Save Changes’ as mentioned above will trick Facebook into thinking it’s the most recent, and will be featured next to your name as a primary network.

There’s two things to keep in mind here. The first is that despite what appears as your primary network, the About Me section on your timeline will still show the most recent positions or places of education, and the second is that every time you want to add another piece of information to your Work and Education section, you’ll have to follow the above process to change your primary network to whatever you want, assuming the last added one isn’t what you want to be displayed.

Do let us know what you think about this trick, and if you’re facing any problems, we’re happy to help!

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