How to get Outlook Mail on Android – Mail without an app

A lot of people are now discovering that Microsoft can in fact make a good webmail service. After being mocked for years for the once popular Hotmail service, in keeping with the whole Modern user interface, Microsoft released a new webmail simply called Outlook Mail. It’s easy to access it from Windows Phones of course, but Android users might find it slightly more difficult to sync their email app to access their Outlook Mail account. Just recently Microsoft launched an Outlook Mail app which was in fact just a reskinned Hotmail app. Upon my use, I found out that it’s a very bland, very basic and quite faulty app. The native Android email app is in fact leaps and bounds better, but Outlook Mail cannot be synced to it without a bit of tinkering. So here’s our guide on how to get Outlook Mail on Android:

How to get Outlook Mail on Android - Outlook Logo

Steps for how to get Outlook Mail on Android:

1. Open your Android email app and go to Settings>Add Account.

2. Enter your email ID and password for the Outlook Mail account.

3. When prompted for type of account, choose “Exchange”. If you’re using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, choose Manual Setup.

How to get Outlook Mail on Android - Screen 1

4. Under “Domain\Username”, type “\”, as shown below.

How to get Outlook Mail on Android - Screen 2

5. Enter your password if it’s not already set.

6. Set server as “”.

7. Check “Use Secure Connection (SSL)”.

8. Leave the port as it is, as you can see for me it is 443.

9. Click next and modify account options accordingly, whether you want contacts synced, calendar synced or if you want to change inbox checking frequency you can do it here.

10. Finally, give your account a name and you’re good to go!

So that was how to get Outlook Mail on Android, do let us know if you’re facing any problems getting it to work properly and as always, opinions are welcome as well!


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