Top 5 Awesome To-Do List Managers on Android

Mobile phones have become more than just communication tools over the last 2 decades or so. From being just a portable telephone, they’ve grown into powerful mini computers that actually boost productivity (or the other way round, depends on how you use it) and make your day easier. Yep, we’re talking about to-do list managers. These handy little apps let you organize everything you should be doing and remind you about tasks to undertake, work related or otherwise. Android, luckily, has a plethora of such apps to choose from, and so you can find everything from professional list managers to something meant for home use. What we can guarantee though, is that using a to-do list manager will definitely make you more organized and efficient. Plus, considering the minimal effort required to set one up, we really think it’s something you should do! So here’s our picks for the top 5 to-do list managers on Android, in no particular order.

The 5 Best To-Do List Managers on Android

Google Keep

5 Best To-Do List Managers for Android - Google Keep

Want something simple to just keep track of tasks and get reminders? Like sticky notes? Google Keep is the app for you. It’s the no nonsense to-do list manager that you always wanted, and the best part is that it comes with Android by default. You can save pictures as well, and it syncs with all your Google devices and PC. For someone really invested in the Google ecosystem, Google Keep is one of the best options to keep yourself organized. Plus, the UI is pretty neat too, built on Google’s Material Design principles.


5 Best To-Do List Managers for Android - Wunderlist

There are a couple of companies that have to-do list managers as their bread and butter service, and Wunderlist is one among them, for good reason too! One of the most popular to-do list managers worldwide, Wunderlist is a powerful tool that offers a whole host of features, with both free and paid versions. The USP of Wunderlist is its uniquely intuitive UI and the ability to share lists, tasks and reminders with others, so you can actually use it as a sort of project management app as well. You’ll need an account to sign in, which can be used to login to Wunderlist on smartphones, tablets, PCs, you name it. If a universal app is something you’re looking for, and if you need sprinkles of project management software, look no further than Wunderlist.


5 Best To-Do List Managers for Android - Todoist

Todoist is another really popular to-do list manager used around the world. It stands in contrast to Wunderlist, and has a very minimal and sophisticated look, while providing all the essential features including custom scheduling, reminders, tasks, filters, labels, repeats and much more. The Premium version adds even more features, and is available for just $29 a year. You’ll find features like improved filters, automatic backups, location based tasks, attachments and much more in the premium version. For home users, however, the free version is more than enough.

5 Best To-Do List Managers for Android - is another fantastically minimal and powerful to-do list manager available on Android, iOS and PC. Along with the usual tasks, reminders and filters, you’ll find it has the ability to share tasks, add comments, create custom recurring tasks, perform certain third party functions from within the app, and create notes for the tasks themselves, among many others. Again, there’s both a free and premium version of the app, with the latter adding project collaboration, themes, file uploads, location reminders and much more.


5 Best To-Do List Managers for Android - SplenDO

SplenDO¬†is probably one of the most straightforward apps on this list. It’s simple, good looking and robust, plus doesn’t really need an account to get going. You can sync it with your Google account to add tasks, use a quick menu to add tasks or just speak what you want to do. Oh did we mention, the widget is really good looking too! The quick pulldown menu from notifications is very handy and lets you organize things without digging too deep, so the whole process is actually really quick. If you would prefer a lot of features but don’t want to bother with accounts, go for this app!

Using any one of these apps, according to your requirements, is sure to make you much more organized and efficient, take our word for it. Let us know what you thought of our list of the best to-do list managers on Android, and if you think any other apps should be considered too!


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