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The Mail Review

Over the past few years, Hotmail has been sort of a running gag in internet circles. Along with Internet Explorer, it was the butt of countless jokes. Well not anymore, Hotmail is back with a completely new look and feel! Microsoft has reinvented the once popular e-mail

Microsoft Office 2013 Preview – First Look

It’s finally official, Microsoft Office 2013 has been announced and will probably release early next year. The last version of the world’s most used productivity was released 3 years ago and is starting to show it’s age. Microsoft’s new minimalism mantra introduced with the Metro interface is

Windows Phone 8 Preview – First Look

Windows Phone 7 was launched in late 2010 to surprisingly positive reviews. Unlike Microsoft’s previous mobile operating systems (Windows Mobile), Windows Phone was geared more towards commercial than business use. It debuted with the refreshing new Metro interface which will be seen in the future Windows 8.

Windows 8 Editions and Release Date revealed!

Windows 8 is inching closer to release with the introduction of different previews over the last few months. As covered in our previous article, the Windows 8 Developer Preview looked promising and the Consumer Preview more so. Microsoft’s usual Alpha, Beta then RC (Release Candidate) strategy for
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