How To Get Super Fast Facebook Fans & Twitter Followers

Facebook fans and Twitter Followers are very important for a blogger and a webmaster who has a site of his own and want to promote himself. Getting good Facebook fans and Twitter followers for free and in faster way is a bit slow process. So we blogger’s usually go to different sites to know the secrets of adding fans and followers to our community. Mostly we will suggest our Facebook fan page and Twitter account to our friends and family to get famous and this usually take a lot of time to get into people. Instead of asking our friends and family to suggest our site to their friends and so on.. We can usually use a give and take policy trick which usually will bring you thousands of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Not only this, you can also get huge traffic and also you can get large number of views to your YouTube video. The answer and ultimate solution for all this problems is

Yes Twiends is a awesome site which allows you to get 1000 of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Huge Traffic for your site, Views to your YouTube video. All you have to do is to click this link and register for a free account. Looks like its just a small site to make fans and friends but there is a lot to know about this site indeed. Let me explain you why it is so useful to get fans and followers. After registering with the site you have to confirm it with your email activation link which they will send you. The whole twiends process will run with credits which are very important for any user to gain fans and followers. Credits are just like money which is required to buy some thing. All you have to keep in mind is to get as many credits as possible to make your site active in twiends network. If you have credits, people will visit you  for credits to gain credits. So even we have to do the same thing here. First we have to start with Twitter and later on Facebook and etc. I will explain each of them in detail now.

Twitter : This is the most important way to get credits. Connecting twitter to twiends is pretty simple, all you have to do is to authenticate the twitter account in twiends by going to Twitter tab in the list and allow the application in twitter which is called as twiends. After doing that you will be shown some twitter accounts whom you can follow to gain credits.You have to note that your twitter account is not very new. It should be at least a 3 days older one with some friends and followers in it. Twiends wont allow newly created Twitter accounts in there list. So try yo get some followers and mean while you can go to Facebook fan page.

As you can see here, there are some people who will give you credit 1 if you follow them in twitter. All you have to do is to click on +twiend to accept them or click on skip to remove them. You will usually get a lot of guys who offer you 3 to 4 credits for following them. You will get upto 7 and 8 sometimes. so add the best one.As you can see Featured users to the extreme right with light blue color widget, this is very useful twiends which offer you 10 credits and more than that some times. so keep a eye on them too.

Facebook : Now coming to Facebook, you have to add your Facebook fan page here and then start your work similar to twitter twiends. Adding Facebook fan page is very simple. Just go to the Facebook twiends page in twiends and then click on f connect and authenticate your Facebook account with username and password and then come back to twiends page. After coming back to twiends you can see that your account is being recognized by the system. Now you have to add the Facebook fanpage which you are the admin of and then click on OK. Getting credits for a Facebook fanpage is similar to Twitter twiends. But here you have to like Facebook pages to get credits.Usually the credits start from 2 or 3 credits per page and may go upto 9 or 10 credits per page.

This is how the Facebook twiend page looks like and when you click on twiend you can see a like box popping up which you have to like, for one like you will get the credits which were assigned to it.

Website : You can add your website here with the URL of your site and get credits, the same Twitter and Facebook process follows here. But when ever you click the a twiend for credit it will take you to a site where you have to stay in site for 90seconds to get the credits. This is really simple and needs not twitter and Facebook accounts.

Youtube : Youtube videos can be added here. You can add your video Id or link in the specific location in settings and set a price for it. You will also get credits for visiting others videos. Usually each video will start from 3 credits and may go upto 9 credits.Whenever you click on twiend it will redirect to a video where you can view the video and wait for certain amount of time which they ask you to wait for the credit.

As you can see the above screenshot which will give you 6 credits for 130seconds. So you have to click on play and wait for the time to complete and move to the next video when has completed the restricted time. And now you can move to the next video.

This was all about the four pages where you can get people who can like your site and also follow in social media. You can always to to the settings page to change the settings and earn as many credits as you can and get Facebook fans and twitter followers.

Important Things to Remember :

  1. Try not to add to rapid twitter friends, which may ban your twitter account.
  2. Try not to like too many Facebook likes in a day which may ban your Facebook account.
  3. Try to use a fresh twitter account in twiends.
  4. Try to read the Twitter  TOC  : Click Here
  5. Try to read the Facebook TOC : Click Here

Awesome Tricks to get more credits :

  1. Add Twitter followers who offer you more than 2 credits.
  2. Like Facebook fans who offers more that 2 credits.
  3. When ever you click on a Facebook twiend you will see a pop-up which will ask you to like the page, some time it asks the same pages which we have already liked. So when that comes, you can see unlike, try to unlike it and again like it immediately so you will get free credits more than once.
  4. If you don’t have enough patience to watch the videos of youtube, you can just click on play and click on mute in the video. You now no need to bother about the video and can do another work without disturbance.
  5. When you watch the youtube videos, you can observe that the video will count the remaining time even when the video is buffering. so you can do this even when you download some torrents or any files.

That’s it ! I hope this post will be very useful for bloggers and people who want fast Facebook friends. Hope you liked the article. Please feel free to ask the queries. 🙂

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