Sync Emails after Linux Migration – Using ReadPST

Be it a home PC user or a user working in productive enterprise environment, Emails are always essential for every one. The most common question is whether we can sync emails after Linux Migration.

Till now there are various methods discussed at different place. So here is yet another and comparatively simple way of converting your proprietary format .pst files to mbox files.

How to sync emails after Linux Migration:

ReadPst is the utility that can do the trick for you.

Note : If you are using Evolution Version 2.30.3 then you don’t need to install readpst or libpst as those packages are installed and integrated with Evolution. You can just go to File menu → Import in Evolution and select .pst as import option and finally specify the .pst file. In Ubuntu 10.10 this version is available but this post can definitely help them to know about introduction of this facility for first time.

Older version Ubuntu users can install readpst using simple install command like…..

“apt-get install readpst”

Other Linux users can install libpst and readpst files with respective package managers.

How to convert .pst files

  1. Create a folder where you will keep the converted files
  2. issue following command in pseudo terminal…..
    readpst -o <folder-created-to-keep-converted-files> <path-and-name-of-.pst-file>
  3. Thats it it will take some time and convert your files to mbox format

Now go for Importing converted files in to Evolution

Open Evolution Email Client and configure your email account

Go to file menu → import

Click on Forward button”

Sync Emails after Linux migration

“Click on Import a single file”

“Click on Forward Button”

“Click on the right side end of Filename field”

After that select your imported files one by one

That’s it, you will find all your imported items in the left pane of Evolution. You can have all separate Old Inbox, Old Sent email, Old Customized folders, etc. Have a happy migration! Do let us know what you think of our tutorial to sync emails after Linux migration!

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