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Skype, the pioneer in the voice communication over the internet offers you a variety of services besides just letting you voice call. If you use Skype just to make video, audio and other international calls then you aren’t making the most out of it. You can capture all your audio and video calls to relive your past conversations in the future. As there is no in-built support for recording calls, you need to get a third party program to do it. So here’s the top 5 free Skype call recording software!

The 5 Best Skype Call Recording Software

MP3 Skype Recorder

Top 5 Free Skype Call Recording Software - MP3 Skype Recorder

MP3 Skype recorder is one of the best software to record calls through over the internet. It facilitates the interface configuration and allows you to record calls either manually or automatically whenever a new conversation is detected. This freeware supports multiple recording bitrates ranging between 24 and 128. With its user friendly approach and intuitive options, this application also creates recording without any user input. Its huge list of options also helps you record multiple conversations simultaneously and back them up separately. It can be kept minimized all the time and the compact form of stored records leaves a small footprint on system performance.

Pamela for Skype

Top 5 Free Skype Call Recording Software - Pamela For Skype

Pamela call recorder allows you to record any type of audio call for 15 minutes and any video call for 5 minutes. The download version of this is available for free at the Skype website and if you want to experience more of these recorder features you can purchase it online. Call transferring, call scheduling, mono/stereo recording options, creating cool mood messages, blogging, podcasting, setting reminders, forwarding mails are some of the additional features that come along with the online purchase. It comes in many versions, namely professional, business and call recorder. The professional version is the recommended and ultimate version for any Skype user. It is reliable, and offers efficient virtual assistance with a multitude of functions.

Evaer Skype Recorder

Top 5 Free Skype Call Recording Software - Evaer For Skype

Evaer recorder for Skype comes packed with excellent audio and video recorder features. It allows you to record calls into MP4/AVI movies. You can record Skype calls directly to your hard disk side-by-side, as separate files, audio-only, as well as offers local and remote webcam mode recording. Answering machine feature for Skype will auto pick up the incoming calls, record the calling party voice or video message, play a greeting message when you are away from PC. It offers better video quality, as it records Skype with capturing original media and there’s no data loss. Its user friendly interface makes it easy for your audio and video conferences, interviews, podcasts, or any other personal VoIP calls. Evaer supports both single and group video chats and is available for free online.

PowerGramo Skype Recorder

Top 5 Free Skype Call Recording Software - Powergramo Skype Recorder

Among all others on the list, PowerGramo is the most secure Skype recording software and offers a very stable recording. It flawlessly records all types of Skype calls like Skype in/out, pc-to-pc, Skypecast, conferences, interviews and has password protected records. The answering machine allows you to send different formats of input (audio/text) to all your Skype contacts. PowerGramo Professional is perfect tool for daily Skype recording, online journalism and podcasting. PowerGramo Standard/ Basic trial versions are suitable if you do need to record any Skype video calls, and landline involved calls. PowerGramo Enterprise is the best suited for business edition allowing you to upload files to a PowerGramo Record Center Server and helps you to remotely monitor Skype activities byc central depositing Skype record calls on the server. In short this simple yet feature filled Skype reorder is designed to make the most out of Skype.

VodBurner Video Call Recorder

Top 5 Free Skype Call Recording Software - VodBurner

VodBurner a video call recorder takes Skype video to the next level. This application allows you to record video calls between two users, create high quality MP4 or WMV files suitable for sharing files and you have an additional add-on feature to edit each video using the post production console. The operation of the application is very simple and at the end of the communication the data is stored. Every frame of the call is captured at maximum resolution. Video formats are compatible with any player and the allowed file type is suitable for uploading files to YouTube without leaving the program’s interface. The application is available free for Windows and Mac and is an excellent tool to synchronize all your conversations.

Call Recorder for Skype, CallGraph, PrettyMay, Solicall are some of the other audio/video/both call recorders for Skype available online. Let us know which one is your choice!

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