4 Best Online Backup Apps for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod

There are many loyal Apple users in the world who love their iDevices more than anything else to an extent that they don’t even glance at other phones. Millions of Apple fans are way too personally attached to their iPhones, iPads, or iPods. So imagine the damage done when you lose your images, texts, videos and data because of an unfortunate circumstance or a botched backup. The best way to safeguard against this it to keep an online backup, and here’s some tools that help you do so!

4 Best iPhone, iPad and iPod Apps That Provide Online Backup

There are not many backup options available currently, so picking up the right backup application for your iDevice is pretty easy. Not only do they keep your data safe, butcan also free up precious storage space.


4 Best Online Backup Apps for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod - PKGBackup

Using AptBackup to restore all your jailbreak apps, and tweaks? It’s not the perfect solution. Instead go for PKGBackup to restore all your jailbreak hacks, apps and extensions. It costs around $8 and is definitely a worthy app to spend some cash on. Download and install PKGBackup through the Cydia store and launch it. You also have an option to sync your data with the address book or your Dropbox account. Control every aspect of the process virtually and schedule your backups as per your need. This app falls short because of its less intuitive UI and is unfortunately too user friendly. The main problem lies in its learning curve and due to its many settings it is quite confusing. However, besides the unpleasant user experience you can count on its backup assistance and other awesome features which are not seen in any other app.


4 Best Online Backup Apps for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod - SugarSync

Automatic backup and file sharing from anywhere on your computer to any device is possible with this powerful cloud service. SugarSync is ideally suitable for digitally connected consumers and business professionals and allows you to control the users, monitor activity and remotely wipe the data. It lets you collaborate by keeping all your shared files up to date in real time. You can decide which folders you want to sync and where you want to sync them. SugarSync runs in the background, so all important data is automatically backed up irrespective of location or the device you are using. The SugarSync app mainly lacks the automatic camera photo upload but additionally you can stream photos, videos, music and more right from your iDevice.


4 Best Online Backup Apps for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod - iCloud iOS7

Apple’s iCloud is a cloud based storage designed to provide backup solution for its own users. With iCloud you are free to access all your photos, music albums, documents automatically from anywhere on your device. The moment you tap buy you can purchase anything in App Store, iTunes Store or iBooks. All your downloads or purchases are taken care of iCloud and you can enjoy your favorite set of classics anytime on multiple devices. Start reading a book on Mac during day time and finish off reading it on your iPad at bed time. iCloud space is limited to 5GB and is absolutely free and extra storage can be purchased for an additional storage charge worth $24.99 per year. iCloud offers you services beyond your imagination and is seamlessly integrated into many of the apps which you haven’t noticed.

SOS Online Backup

4 Best Online Backup Apps for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod - SOS Online Backup

SOS Online Backup is an enterprise grade backup that personalizes all your valuable information on all your devices and servers from one Central Management Dashboard. It is fast, safe, secure and delivers SOS online backup and recovery for your clients. With SOS your information is locally encrypted and it offers the most expensive NSA PRISM proof military grade backup security. It stores content from up to five Windows or OS X computers and other Android or iOS mobile devices. It provides a smooth web interface to access your files and even has a Facebook app to store pictures and posts from your social media profile. You need to sign up for the SOS’s backup service and select specific types of folders, contents, documents, videos, and any category of files you want to backup. You can also access your stored files via SOS web interface and it also retains all backed up versions of every file but has a limited format support. The only big downside is that it is available at a monthly pay of $9.99.

These are some of the best and most well-known online backup iDevice suites in the market with a good range of features. Any comments are welcome!


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