How To Play Need For Speed Online

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This Old Post is no more working for you guys. I have a trick for you all to play Need For Speed Most Wanted Online Just all you have to do is to download a application software called plan which is just 280kb in size. I will give you a link.

just click here pLan Deepagony.rar and download the plan application to your harddisk, unrar the file, double click on plan icon to install it. As soon as you click plan it will update the software in a second and minimizes to system tray. Now right click on it and select the option Internet and minimize it again. Now go to game as usual and open LAN and wait for a minute u can see a list of servers there playing Need For Speed Most Wanted. Join them with a name and go to session list and join a session in session list and press enter (leave the session list to default any any any). U will be connected to a server and Now U can play Need For Speed Most Wanted Online Freely. Don’t forget to open plan every time when you want to play the game online.

Or See this Video :

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