Seagate Hard-disk Online Warranty Procedure.

Unlike Before Seagate hard-disk warranty replacement is not so easy now a days in India. Seagate hard-disk has changed there way of approaching the customers directly and gave the authority to Accel Frontline which is a service company dealing with many services of hardware companies like AMD, APACER, ASROCK, ASUS, GIGABYTE, INTEX, KINGSTON, MOSER-BEAR, SONY ERICSSON, SEAGATE & many more.
If any one of this is having a warranty problem or a device problem first you have o register here and then take the customer Id to the service center so that you can get your device for replacement. For Seagate follow the steps given below to get your hard-disk for replacement.

1) Go the Online Warranty Management website of Accel Frontline:
2) Select a vendor as Seagate and click on links beside that as click here.
3) Click on first link Customer Registration and Click on New Profile.
4) Now fill all the details of the page given there.see the below screen shot. and agree the terms and conditions and click on register.

5) You will be given a customer id as FA10249503. Note the Id some were.
6) Now take the Customer ID to your nearest Seagate warranty center which is linked up with Accel Front line and give the customer Id and your corrupted Seagate hard-disk and take a receipt and wait for 10 long days to get your new Seagate hard-disk.

Now as the Seagate Hard-disk is giving 3yrs warranty as like Western Digital its better to shift to that as i did.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the seagate hard disk repairing is not an accurate while my seagate hard disk is corrupted the repair department had failed twice to rectify my disk problem this is the worst servicing from seagate. I am very sad to brought this brand hard disk at least they are not replacing this devise even they are unable to rectify my device problem even I requested for a new device.

  2. M.Satish Kumar says:

    Yea dude that's the reason i shifted to western digital harddisk. These seagate morons are pigs who are not concerned about the customer satisfaction but only show interest to take money from them…these fellows are having the worst service ever in all harddisk companies………

  3. I need to format a Seagate portable hard disk from NTFS to FAT32. I had a Western Digital previously and I had downloaded a tool from their web site for doing this. I did not find any such tool in the Seagate web site.

  4. You can format it by right clicking on the drive and selecting the drive properties and then formatting the drive by selecting as FAT32 . or else you can do it with a Seagate disk wizard. You can download the software from just select any language and then u can see a 153mb software link to download the application.

    Brief Explanation at :

  5. how to selecl service center details

    pls give me ans urgent

  6. Balu Ingale says:

    my 250GB Sata HDD Not detected & not formating

  7. Hey i did the entire process mentioned above… but lost my receipt that they gave after i submitted my hard drive… How do i get another copy of it..?? The service centre is not replacing my drive even after me showing them the sms i received from them showing the RMA ID and Call ID. HELP.

  8. om prakashjain says:

    my hdd is not format

  9. seagate hard sisc

  10. r.nagababu says:

    my hard drive not working

  11. well my 500gb hd is not detecting so i have gone to service center…they said to register on line….but i did not anything here…so pls help me yar

  12. Hello…….I’m not able to open the following link:

    It shows error that Website might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
    Please help mw what to do now.

  13. VIPULKUMAR says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have extranal hard disk 500gb Which sn :na0d48tv>please you would like to inform me.


    My seagate hard disk drive has corrupted ,i am not able to format or even not able to deelete some of the files .so provide me some of the tips to rectify that problems so that i can use my hard disk furthur properly.

  15. mera hard disk ka pin nikal gya hai jisme cable lagate hai kya ye ban gayega warrenty ke through

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