Seagate Hard-disk Online Warranty Procedure.

Unlike Before Seagate hard-disk warranty replacement is not so easy now a days in India. Seagate hard-disk has changed there way of approaching the customers directly and gave the authority to Accel Frontline which is a service company dealing with many services of hardware companies like AMD, APACER, ASROCK, ASUS, GIGABYTE, INTEX, KINGSTON, MOSER-BEAR, SONY ERICSSON, SEAGATE & many more.
If any one of this is having a warranty problem or a device problem first you have o register here and then take the customer Id to the service center so that you can get your device for replacement. For Seagate follow the steps given below to get your hard-disk for replacement.

1) Go the Online Warranty Management website of Accel Frontline:
2) Select a vendor as Seagate and click on links beside that as click here.
3) Click on first link Customer Registration and Click on New Profile.
4) Now fill all the details of the page given there.see the below screen shot. and agree the terms and conditions and click on register.

5) You will be given a customer id as FA10249503. Note the Id some were.
6) Now take the Customer ID to your nearest Seagate warranty center which is linked up with Accel Front line and give the customer Id and your corrupted Seagate hard-disk and take a receipt and wait for 10 long days to get your new Seagate hard-disk.

Now as the Seagate Hard-disk is giving 3yrs warranty as like Western Digital its better to shift to that as i did.

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