IObit Protected Folder Lock Giveaway Worth $600 – 30 Free License Keys

Are you looking for any Protected Folder Lock giveaway ? If so, here you go. Almost everyone want to protect their personal folders in PC’s and Laptops. Most of us hide our folders in windows and assume our data is safe and hidden. Well, you are the not the only one who knows about hiding folders in windows. So justΒ  in-case if you want to hide your folders in a secured vault, then here is your chance. is celebrating its 2nd anniversary this 24th April 2012. So for our loyal readers, this is our second giveaway in the month of April 2012. We areΒ  giving away 30 license keys to our readers as a second giveaway after Dota License Keys. You have to just follow the below article to get your Protected Folder Lock key. Trust me, this Protected Folder Lock giveaway will surely allow you to have a peaceful time when some else is browsing your PC. Continue reading the post to get more info on IObit protected folder giveaway.

IObit Protected Folder Lock Giveaway:

Protected Folder is an amazing software which is designed to password protect your folders and files from being seen. No one can read, modify or see your folders in your PC. Protected Folder lock is just like a safety vault where you can drag and drop the folders or files you wanted to protect. You no need to worry about the privacy, data theft, data loss, data leaks while using Protected folder. The key benefits of Protected Folder are it is extremely easy to use, You can hide folder from view, you can block access to files, folders and programs you wanted to. You can password protect the files so that others can see it but cannot access, read or view the content in it.

protected folder lock giveaway

Why IObit Protected Folder Lock Giveaway ?

IObit Protected Folder Lock when compared with other products is very much easy to use and comes with a unique design to explore more.

1. IObit Protected Folder will keep your PC safe and error free. You can see your PC running at top speed with out any lags.
2. IObit Protected Folder Lock was designed by top-flight programmers and system designers. The product is recommended by many IT experts and editors around the globe.
3. The unique design will make you browse easily and understand the interface in a more better way.
4. IObit Protected Folder has been downloaded more than 100,000,000 times so far. Almost 98% of the users recommend IObit Protected Folder Lock to friends and family.

IObit Protected Folder come for a awesome price of $19.95 for each license. But if you want to get the license for free, you have to complete the below given steps.The giveaway will end on 1st May 2012. We have enough keys to give you all. But make sure you follow the steps carefully. We will check for the shares and likes you participated in.

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Note that the key is valid for one single system only. If you still have any queries to proceed further, you can always ask us via comments below. Hope you all get your IObit Protected Folder license key. Share this post with your friends and allow them to get benefits out of this protected folder lock giveaway.

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