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So what i am talking about? Confused? Don’t worry i will explain you. Actually what i want to say is Why Google ads in a website or a blog will repeat same ads even though the content is different. All the 3 places will be showing the same ads as previous one is showing in all the pages. So why this happens? Actually this happened me 2 days before when i realized that all the ads in 3 ad locations in each and every page was showing same as i see in home page. This made my earnings go down and i had 0 earnings from 10 days.

So i decided to mail the adsense team ( but as usual there was no response from them.
Then i realizedΒ  that the Google bot was not indexing my page from 15days to search the relevant key words and display the ads. Then i deleted all my ads and started to load the fresh code of each and every location with the same previous code. It started to show different ads just for 5mins and again the problem was the same πŸ™ So i heard from a friend of mine that we have to ping the blog to get it indexed by the bot.
So i pinged my blog in some of the ping websites like and and waited for the site to finish pinging to all the areas.

And also resubmitted my sitemap in Google webmasters.This worked for me and within 10 mins the ads were now showing different ads in all 3 different places relevant to the content.

But my Mozilla Firefox was not showing different ads in different locations so i asked one of my friend satish sridharanΒ  writes for to check whether he can see same ads in his Firefox or not. He checked the site and to my surprise all the ads very different unlike before. So i too checked my site in Opera and Safari which showed me different ads in all the areas.
So i realized that my Firefox cookies and cache were stopping me to see my ads. So deleted all the cookies and cache and etc in the following way
Tools –> Clear Recent History –> Check all boxes (Everything) in it and click on OK. And also re-installed my Firefox. Now to my surprise i can see all the ads different in the 3 ad locations and from then i made of habit of pinging my blog at least once in 3 days and every time i write a post.
So what i recommend for this problem is
1) Re-install the codes once again. Try not to use default adsense in blogger.
2) Ping your blog at least once in a week which will also increase the traffic.
3) Clear the cookies and cache in your browser regularly .
4) Also resubmit your sitemap your page in Google Webmasters for a better result and faster indexing of all your pages.

Surely you will find some solution from these steps always check the status of the blog that when the Google bot came to your site which is given below and also you can find that in my blog directories up πŸ™‚ Mail me if you have any doubt we will solve together.

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