How To Make Some Powerful Viruses On Your Own


Yes we can make some powerful virus on our own and can create a disaster in our enemies system. i have created 60 different virus applications which stop the functionality of windows applications and make your system useless. There is nothing to code or nothing to program all we have to do is to download a application called as acid virus maker and with this we can create powerful windows virus and BAT files which can really harm the system for sure.
There are different types of windows virus in this software and some are useful and some are dangerous. These virus are simple to create and easy to apply in ones system. once clicked it will start its functionality and do the work assigned to it. There is a List of virus where we can create on our own.
We can also Enable or Disable the some windows applications and can create virus files which will be deleted when run. The list of windows batch which we can create in this software are:
A) Open/Disable Options.
B) Delete Files When Run.
In this Open/Disable Options coloum we can create :
1) Open CMD
2) Open Notepad
3) Shutdown PC
5) Disable MSCONFIG
6) Disable REGEDIT
7) Disable system restore
8) Disable Task Manager
9) Disable Screen saver
10) Disable Firewall
11) Disable paint
12) Disable magnify
13) Disable Notepad
14) Disable Calculator
15) Open Malicious sites
16) Make Spam folders
17) Kill Internet Connection
18) Disable CMD
19) Disable Live Messenger
20) Disable Yahoo Messenger
21) Disable Mouse
22) Disable Keyboard
23) Disable Nod32
24) Disable Avast
25) Disable Norton
26) Disable Malware bytes
27) Disable Kaspersky
28) Disable Firefox
29) Disable Internet Explorer
30) Disable Safe Mode
31) Disable Disk Fragmentation
32) Spam Victims PC
33) Disable Uninstall
34) Add on Startup

And Also some Delete files when Run or Opened the virus.
35) Delete all .DOC Files
36) Delete all .MP3 Files
37) Delete all .WMV Files
38) Delete all .VBS Files
39) Delete all .PPS Files
40) Delete all .WAV Files
41) Delete all .INI Files
42) Delete all .OCX Files
43) Delete all TXT Files
44) Delete all PNG Files
45) Delete all EXE Files
46) Delete all CFG Files
47) Delete all JPG Files
48) Delete all BAT Files
49) Delete all PDF Files
50) Delete all ICO Files
51) Delete all AVI Files
52) Task Kill System Process
These are the 52 BAT applications which we can create using the application Acid Virus Maker. To create a virus just open the application and check the tick mark on the application which you want to use and give a virus name without any spaces and be careful that you are putting a single file name without any special characters and add a comment if you want and click on Make button which is beside About. A BAT file is create in C: drive just copy that and use where ever you want to use it.

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  1. may be ur file was deleted on 4shared can you give an other site please

  2. M.Satish Kumar says:

    Yea sorry the link was broken reda :( i have uploaded a new one please download it :) its just 11 kb

  3. lolz you make it sound easy XD the pain is only know those who write one :P

  4. M.Satish Kumar says:

    yea exactly :) we have to work hard ;)

  5. After i’ve created my desired virus will it cause any harm whilst on my pc or is it when i open the virus file?

  6. wheres the virus file created??????? it tells that virus was successfully created in C:\ but i can’t find it there!

  7. hi dude super.thank send me this type of tools

  8. says created for me too but i cant find it

  9. i can’t find the file …where i find it….

  10. can someone explain me how to make some virus, i need for school :)

  11. made virus but cannot find it

  12. I made the virus but i can’t find it

  13. the virus you created is located in ur hard disk thats drive C. Open it and check for the virus u created if it not there switch off ur antivirus and create the virus again it will now be in drive C . But dnt open the virus

  14. I have tried downloading the acid virus maker but the link above is not working.The download is being terminated by the host server. Can someone help?

  15. Mudaswar Hussain says:

    I have made the virus but i can’t find the file. can any one help me how to find that file?

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