Tata Wimax Internet Troubleshooting Steps

Tata Wimax is a wireless broadband service provided by TATA Communications and wimax is one of the leading broadband connection networks which provide a good customer service and a good response when we have a connection problem. We usually have some common problems when we browse and some times we disconnect due to some fluctuations and signal problems. So before we can register a complaint to them we can do some trouble shooting steps which can enable us to browse again with out there help. Which i will list out in detail here.

Basic Trouble shooting steps if you are facing problems with wimax:

1) First check whether the POE box which they provide is flashing the lights or not. i mean if we have only 2 lights they have to glow and if they gave you 8 lights box, all the lights should glow.
2) If its working with all glowing lights then its ok. if not you have to restart the POE box and check whether all the lights are glowing again.
3) Even then the box is unable to show lights in POE box, then you have to replace with a new one by talking with the customer care guys.
4) Now if the two lights are glowing and you are unable to connect to browser then first simple thing you have to do is to restart your LAN connections by disabling and enabling theΒ  LAN.
5) Just simply right click on network icon and click on open network connections and click on disable and again enable it after 20 secs.
6) Now if the problem is resolved its ok and if not then you have to change some settings in TCP/IP.
7) Right click on LAN icon and click on open network connections and click on properties and Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and click on properties.
8) Now under general click on Use the following IP address and enter IP address as : and subnet mask as and default gateway as and click on ok.

9) Now go to any web browser (IE7) and enter the following in the address bar http: which is nothing but your default gateway address and press enter.

10) Now a login page of TELSIMA will appear on your browser and enter the user as root and password as telsimawl and click on enter.

11) Now in Advance settings see whether the scanner channel settings are showing the connection as OPER or NA. if its OPER just refresh and re-sync and reconnect and check whether its OPER again if not just restart the POE box.

12) Now close the connections and again go to seetings in TCP/IP and change it to Obtain IP address automatically and check browsing. Its alwasys a better option to restart the device in telsima page if the connection is NA.

13) after doing all these trouble shooting steps still u cant able to browse, just go to customer care toll free number : 18002097070 and ask them to connect your call to network department since you have done all the trouble shooting steps.

14) The network department will restart all your seetings and they will make sure you connect to internet at any cost. i rate 10/10 to there support.

15) In wimax we have golden opportunity to connect to multiple systems with a single connection using a hub or a switch and you have to ask the customer team to enable natting for your connection which is very useful for common users like us.

16) If you are using the natting enabling connection then you have to follow the above the troubling steps with connecting to a single system.

Thanks for reading the article and if you have any doubts please leave a comment πŸ™‚

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