How To Backup and Use Files When You Are Away From Your PC, Laptop and Mobile

Hi, Today’s post is my best post ever in software tricks category. So lets start the post straight away. May be some people have heard about this software, but this is for the people who never came across this awesome software. I have seen many ways to backup our files and folders in many places like USB, DVD’S, Tapes and etc. But today i am going to discuss about a awesome application service which enables you to store any thing in just 1 sec, so that you can use that file anywhere from your place which you want to. For example if i have 3 systems like a PC, a Laptop and a Mobile which can access data, it would be very difficult for me to operate all 3 files together. i have to run here and there for all the files which are separately stored in each of my device. Which is a bit pain for me.
Specially when i am traveling places. So searching for a solution for this, i have found a awesome software service which just allows us to store a free 2gb of data in its server so that we can access it any time and anywhere in the world. That awesome service is called Dropbox Which usually need a account and a software to use it.Which is completely free, You can register here for free and now lets see what makes billions of people use this software.

This awesome software will allows us to sync our files online and across computers.For that first we have to download a application called Drop Box 0.7.110 which i will give a upload link at bottom.

1) So what Drop Box 0.7.110 software can do?
This software will act as a medium between the user and the Drop Box server which is allocated to us to save the files and use them anytime and anywhere. You can put your files into a drop box folder which will be created in your My Documents soon after you install the software and this folder will appear in all the other systems which you have installed and want to appear on.(Note: You have to install this on all the computers which you want to access.)You can also view the files in your iphone, ipad, android and blackberry mobile devices. And the best part is that the Same DropBox folder is also available in the Drop Box website where we can view our files anywhere on the planet which is connected to internet.
2) File sync :

With this software all our files are always in sync.For example if i am making a document and dropped in my Dropbox folder, As soon as i have press save, Dropbox will sync that file to all other computers and mobile devices, Laptop;s instantly and automatically. By this we are saving time by saving file in each and every system. This will give us a awesome way to work anywhere and always we can have the files which we needed.

3) File Sharing:

Dropbox will let us to share files very easily, like we can save entire folders and files which we want in that specified DropBox folder and also we can send people links to specific files within our Dropbox folder.
4) Online Backup:

This is the best part of the software which i like the most.Because any file which is put into the DropBox folder is automatically backed up to there servers. So even if our computer crashes, we can still backup the important file which we have saved in DropBox earlier.

5) Undo and Undelete :
Every time we save a file in DropBox, it syncs to there servers and keeps a history of every change we make so that we can undo any mistakes and even undelete files which they keep for 1 month which they call it as pack-rat. which is really awesome and there is no scope of losing a file which is stored in Drop Box.

6) Referrals:
DropBox has a limited free account of 2Gb for a starter which is more than enough to store important files and documents. But you can extend to 8Gb for free if you can refer your friends with your referral ID so that each member when joins under your ID will get you a 250mb of free space.

Download Here

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