Did The Amazing New Look of Youtube Cosmic Panda Change Everything ?

Have you heard about Cosmic Panda Update from YouTube ? The first news was out some where in July 2011 i  guess. and by now most of us have already started using the new cosmic panda look of YouTube. If not, i will guide you to understand about this amazing update from YouTube. To be frank, What i think is, YouTube wanted its interface to be more similar to social networking sites like Facebook and Google Plus. Because, if you look at the present interface of YouTube (Cosmic Panda), you will definitely get a feeling that it is no where less to a social networking site interface.

This kind of look is pretty famous and familiar to everyone these days. YouTube has named this amazing update as Cosmic panda and has released it to the people with huge expectations long back. Since, people are used to the most famous old look of YouTube from 8years, its hard for them to try this at the initial stage. But now you can surely check out the new interface of YouTube, which will never disappoint you. In fact, its too much of fun for anyone who love to watch videos on YouTube.

Cosmic Panda update

Cosmic Panda Update : New Features

With this update, you will be greeted with all recent activities of the subscriptions which you have already subscribed. Now, you can add new channels to your YouTube homepage and also can connect you Google+ and Facebook accounts to share your favorite videos with your friends. The first thing YouTube concentrated to improve is, its Channels design. With the new design, you can easily find and watch the content you want. If you are a channel creator, then your videos can be organized and showcased exactly the way you wanted.

The new consistent design is very easy to find new videos, good layout flexibility, featured content and for a uploader, its an amazing way to keep your audience engaged for a longer period of time, even if you are not posting anything.The best thing i love in this new update is, You can see all your subscriptions in a single place. You can add more channels to your account  and also can find out what your friends are sharing and watching.

Cosmic Panda update

Cosmic Panda Update : Customizing the Channels

If you are having your own channel in YouTube, then you can edit it to have your own brand look and feel. All you have to do is to login your YouTube account and click your username on the top right corner and click on My Channel and then click on Edit Channel which will be on the top right corner of the page.

When you click on Edit Channel,you can find 3 other tabs which are Appearance, Info and Settings and Featured Tab. This is where you can complete change the look and feel of your channel. You can put your own custom image for the background of your channel and switch back to the old look when ever you want. If you look at the 3 tabs, they have different options like,

  • Appearance : Here you can change the channels version, upload a avatar, and change the background of your channel.
  • info and Settings : Here you can customize your channel’s title, description, tags, visibility, default landing tab and etc.
  • Featured Tab : Here you can set the layout of your channel, displaying playlists, channels and videos. You can choose any thing from a blogger, network, creator and everything layouts.

Cosmic Panda update

Apart from these customizing options, The new interface has some more amazing features like,

  1. When you click on your username, it will drop down a menu where you can select the further options. but before it used to navigate you to the other page when the video was running. But with this amazing options, you can play the video simultaneously while checking your username menu.
  2. You can find four different video sizes in which you want to watch the video.
  3. You can use the 4 templates to change the layout of the way you watch your channel and home of your YouTube page.
  4. This is my favorite feature, its the community bar which provides all the channel comments, activities, bulletins, subscribers. Just like what we see in Facebook and Google Plus.
  5. Easy way to edit your info for the videos which you have uploaded in your channel. If you find something is wrong with your info, you can change the info right under the video very easily.

These are the main features of the new YouTube Cosmic panda update. If we look at the pro’s and con’s of the new look of YouTube, there are few interesting facts to know.

Pro’s of YouTube Cosmic Panda Update :

  1. Amazing interface with beautifully organized layout.
  2. Easy to find videos and channels.
  3. Keeping people updated if you own a channel.
  4. Easy to subscribe to your favorite channels.
  5. Custom backgrounds and images.
  6. Powerful navigation bars.
  7. Flexibility while uploading the videos and organizing them. 
  8. Improved video quality experience.

Con’s of YouTube Cosmic Panda Update :

  1. Restarting of videos if clicked on full screen options. This will happen when you have try to click full screen on a video which has more than one screen resolution like 360p, 480p, 720p and etc.
  2. When you click on videos under any channel, it wont show all the complete videos present in its channel. For example, if you find 500 videos in a channel, try to click on the 500 videos icon which is beside the subscribe button above the video playing. You can find only 20 to 30 videos, which will be placed randomly.
  3. The comment system is still the same. There is nothing much to talk about it. I would love to see a avatar for each comment, instead of the subscriber or username which they use while commenting.
  4. I hardly find a relevant videos in the right side bar of the page.
  5. Unable to detect the duplicate videos, which are uploaded many times with different names and different channels.

This is our view on the amazing new look of YouTube. I hope you people find it easy to understand the new cosmic panda look. If you have any difficulties in understanding the review, please post your queries below in form of comments.

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