How to Stop Autorun Virus Entering Into Computer

Now almost everybody has a pen-drive and also some virus in it. So its always a better option for a computer user to stop the virus which is effecting our system. One of the world’s famous and effective virus is Autorun.inf which is very dangerous and can create a hell of a problem for a PC User. Especially in windows. So how to stop this virus from entering into our system?

The first thing you need to do when you put your pen-drive to check whether it has some virus in it our not for that you need a good anti-virus which is updating daily and free of cost. I prefer Microsoft Essentials because its free, fast, less in size and uses less memory, The only problem is that you should have a licensed OS of any windows. Just try it once and you will love it….


How to Stop Virus to load into computer.

1) For that we can use a inbuilt window group policy which helps us a lot.
2) Since most of the virus are made to open with a auto-run this trick will make it disable.
3) Open Run command (Ctrl + R) and now type gpedit.msc and click on ok.
4) A pop-up windows comes over and select Administrative Templates in it and select System.
5) Scroll down to the right hand window until you found Turn Off Autoplay.

6) Open it by double clicking on it. A pop-up windows will appear and select Enabled in it and down under it select the Turnoff Autoplay on: and select All drives in it and click on OK.

7) Now the autorun virus will not run into your system automatically unless you open it ….

How to open a infected virus pen-drive??

Never open any pen-drive by double clicking it or opening it directly by navigating to it..

1) There is always a simple trick to open any pen-drive which makes a lot of difference.
2) Open the pen-drive in this simple steps given below.
3) Open Run Command (Ctrl + R) and type the drive of the letter which currently your pen-drive holds in system.
4) For example in the below Screen shot my USB drive letter is I: then i have to type i: and press enter in the Run command.

5) This will open the pen-drive in a new folder and stops the virus to be activated automatically.
6) Now you can navigate the pen-drive and scan for errors and also the data can be accessed without any effect of virus.
7) Or else you can stop the virus with a awesome application called as ********** which i will explain in my next post..

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