Gtalk Unknown Shortcuts

No matter how good chatting client we have with us, we never stop using gtalk in our regular chat.The main reason for this is the flexibility and features which make it special. Though its not so fancy as yahoo, facebook and ICQ it got some unknown shortcuts which will really make u feel gtalk a special chatting client. Also the unique call facility given by gtalk is really amazing. People now a days are using gtalk as there main source of chatting everywhere. So to make the best use of the application i have a found some shortcuts which are really useful in a busy chats.

1) Change the Font size – Just Press CTRL+ Mouse Scroll up/down Over a input text in a conversation.

2) Send a instant mail – Press F9 to send a email to your friend (Make sure you have selected/Highlighted your friend in the gtalk list).

3) Make a Instant call – Press F11 to start a call with your friend (Make sure you have selected/highlighted your friend in the gtalk list)

4) Stop the Current Call – Press F12 to stop the current running call on gtalk.

5) Close Current Window – Press ESC.

6) Minimize the window – Press ALT + ESC at a time.

7) Switch Between Chat Windows – Press TAB (or) CTRL + I to switch between multiple chat windows.

8 ) Reverse Switching windows – Press SHIFT + TAB (or) CTRL + TAB to switch the windows inversely.

9) Open Gtalk Instantly – Press Windows + ESC key to open the minimized Gtalk window.

10) Bold Font – Press *_____* before and after the data to make it Bold. eg: *HI*

11) Italic Font : Press underscore before and after the text to make it italic eg: _HI_

12) Appearance – Change the look of the chat conversation with 11 default themes. Go to Settings–>Appearance –> Chat Theme.

13) Smileys – Use Default Smileys like eg: : ) : D : ( : ‘ ( : P BP : O : | 8 ) and so on.. note that this smiles can only show a symbol but not emoticon.

This are the gtalk unknown shortcuts and secrets.Hope you liked it..

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