Top 15 Best Free Antivirus For Windows 7

The moment we talk about an antivirus, we think about Kaspersky, BitDefender and few other paid antiviruses. But most of these paid antiviruses are really expensive and come with an annual subscription. So how to protect your data without buying these costly antiviruses? Just take a look at the below article, where we list out the top 15 best antivirus software’s for windows 7.  These antiviruses are free, consistent and trust worthy. So what are you waiting for? Lets check out the 15 best antiviruses of 2012.

1) Microsoft Security Essentials :

We would say Microsoft Security Essentials is the most simple and easiest way to protect your computer. The main advantage of this antivirus software is, its completely free and its interface is really very easy and user friendly. The only thing you have to remember is that your Windows Operation system which you are using must be a genuine one. If you have a genuine Windows Operating system, Microsoft Security Essentials will automatically updates and installs new items daily. If not you have to try your luck with other antivirus or atleast get a new genuine Windows key.Microsoft Security Essentials can guard your system from various viruses, malicious software’s and spywares. You can always check out the official website for latest info. Click here to download

2) Panda Cloud Antivirus :

This free antivirus is really worth to give it a try. Panda Cloud Antivirus actually is very useful for scanning and finding viruses in your computer. Its unique interface is really easy to work and more consistent than any other. This antivirus comes from the very famous Cloud Antivirus Security. You can deactivate many unwanted process operations running behind your computer and make a quick background scan. When installed, the antivirus will first try to connect to there Panda Labs Collective Intelligence servers and protects your computer from viruses and malicious software’s. You can always visit there official homepage for the latest version : Click here to download

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3) Avast Free Antivirus :

Avast is really a great way of protecting your computer from viruses. I would say there New Internet Security software is pretty impressive. But while coming to the Avast Free Antivirus its really gives maximum protection to your computer for home machines.Though it is not quite impressive with the Online shopping and bank account safety, Doesn’t really stop hackers to harm your computer automatically. And also quite unsatisfactory with the SPAM messages and mails. But you can find all of this features available in Pro and Internet Security. Avast Free Antivirus best part is that it will automatically update when there is a new update available. You can visit the official home page for more info : Click here to download

4) AVG Free Antivirus :

AVG antivirus was really a great software when they launched its service as a free antivirus. The updates are really easily to download and very consistent. There was a false information about the software that it will automatically creates a virus application system in ones computer after 3months and will cause the whole system to crash. This is just a bad rumor about the software. They took this as a challenge and released a new interface which is very impressive and very consistent.Since the software was very famous from past years, it got many users who trust the software. The AVG Free Antivirus is really very very simple to install and use. All you have to do is to download the software and install it. AVG Free Antivirus also a upgraded version which acts similar to the Free AVG Antivirus Software. So its not that necessary to buy it. You can visit there official page for more info : Click here to download

5) Avira AntiVir Personal :

Our last free antivirus is Avira AntiVir Personal which is really the simplest antivirus in the market. The simple user interface is easy to understand. Avira AntiVir Personal is very good in detecting root kit threats and other viruses. One of the most important feature of Avira AntiVir Personal is that it can find the malware very easily. People say that Avira AntiVir Personal is not good at finding the false and virus emails in our system, which is completely a false imagination. You can visit there official home page for more info : Click here to download

This is our personal list of Top 5 Free antivirus software’s. We have a lot of other free antivirus which are very consistent and efficient when compared to above 5. But as we all know, Brand matters all the time. To build trust in ones heart , the antivirus software must be free atleast for 3months and very consistent in upgrading the latest viruses and malwares. Apart from these above software we still have a lot of free antivirus. I will make a list of other 10 trusted antivirus software’s below. Please check them out.

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Free Antivirus Software’s :

  1. Free Anti Virus (12.70 MB)
  2. My Free Antivirus ( 21.70MB)
  3. Kingsoft Free Antivirus (18.23MB)
  4. Gen Federico Free Anti Virus (12.70MB)
  5. Xyvos Free Antivirus (2.2MB)
  6. Rising Antivirus Free Edition (89.02MB)
  7. eScan Anti Virus & Spyware Toolkit Utility (120 MB)
  8. ClamWin Free Antivirus (36.17 MB)
  9. Comodo Firewall + Antivirus (75.33MB)
  10. Smart Virus Removal (5.06 MB)

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