Warcraft DotA Online Multiplayer Commands

Hi guys , I hope you all have liked my previous post Warcraft DotA 70 Unknown Hero Secret Tips & Useful Items Online and been playing Warcraft DotA Online some or the other time with other international players. Have you ever wondered while playing DotA why players use commands such as -clear and stuff?? No big deal I’m gonna Show you all the commands that are used in the game. I’m gonna write down all the commands, but please note that every command must be followed by a “minus sign(-)”. Also remember that to chat with allies you have to press Enter and to chat with all available player, use Shift + Enter. If i miss any of the commands below, please let me know with a comment.

  1. -tips – Gives you various helpful tips about your hero throughout the game.Most common way of playing the hero are displayed by using this command.
  2. -random–ย  Gives you a random hero in modes like All Pick.250 gold is refunded back to you after picking.
  3. -random int– Gives you a random Intelligence hero in modes like All Pick. 150 gold is refunded.
  4. -random agi– Gives you a random Agility hero in modes like All Pick. 150 gold is refunded.
  5. -random str– Gives you a random Strength hero in modes like All Pick.150 gold is refunded.
  6. -ma – Displays the heroes your opponents control and their levels.
  7. -cs – Displays your creep kills, denies, and neutral kills.
  8. -es – Enables/Disables selection helper. This is enabled by default.
  9. -switch – Allows you to switch teams with another player. Other players vote with -ok or -no after this command is entered.
  10. -cs – Displays your creep kills, denies, and neutral kills.
  11. -cson/csoff –ย  Activates/De-Activatesย  the cs display to display your creep kills and denies.
  12. disablehelp – Prevents certain spells, such as Test of Faith cast by an allied Holy Knight, from affecting you. Also prevents allies from picking up your items in the fountain area.
  13. -enablehelp – Re-enables effects from certain allied spells and allows allies to pick up your items in the fountain area.
  14. -unstuck – Pauses and freezes your hero for 60 seconds and for obvious makes it invulnerable, after which you are teleported to your base.Use this if you are stuck in impassable terrains.
  15. -showmsg -Shows messages.
  16. -hidemsg – Hides messages.
  17. -quote # – Plays a hero quote. Writing it without a number will play a random hero quote.
  18. -swap # – Offers to swap your hero with another player’s. Both the players must enter each others numbers in for a successful swap.
  19. -weather(wind/snow/moonlight/wind/rainy/random) – Switches to specified weather.Can be switched off by using “-weather off ” command
  20. -don/doff – Toggles the death time on or off.
  21. -roll – Shows a random number between 1 and the number entered, max of 2000.
  22. -hhn – Hides the hero name portion of player’s names.
  23. -mute -Mutes sounds.
  24. -ii – Item info. Shows items of allied heroes on scoreboard.
  25. -gameinfo – Displays information about the current game modes.
  26. kickafk # – Used to kick a player who has been AFK(Away From Keyboard) for more than 5 minutes.
  27. water (red/green/blue) -Changes the color of the water.

Finally,after the release of 6.72.There have been many changes.A new command was introduced for heroes such as Pudge, Nevermore, Mirana etc. For the players to find out their accuracy rates etc.

28. st (Stats)– Shows the accuracy of the player of the respective hero.

Hope this post has helped you ๐Ÿ˜€ Have fun and please leave a comment if you have any queries ๐Ÿ™‚

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