How Professionals Backup Their Operating System & Data Easily via Norton Ghost 15

Hi All, Welcome to Professional Mondays week #3. Im back with an astonishing post for you all. Its about a application called “Norton Ghost”. Almost all of us mess with our system and crash it hard.I being a Server and Windows admin,tend to tweak and hack systems and crash them nearly twice or thrice in a month.And it nearly takes me 2 days to get my system running back to normal after fresh formatting and application installations and customizations. Two days for me is a very long time…so i have opted to this amazing product.

Norton Ghost is a backup program designed by Symantec corporation which takes the backup of files/drives along with boot files for successful OS restoration for later purpose.Norton Ghost accumulates all the data that has been backed up into a single file for us to conveniently transfer into another drive or burn it into a DVD or blue-ray.Check out my video about how to take a backup and restore a backup using Norton ghost. To make you understand more clearly i have made a video post this time with complete installation steps in it. I hope you will definitely love it for sure. Please take a look at the both the parts.

So far you have completed viewing the first part. Now take a look at the second part to complete the backup. This videos really gonna help you, trust me.

If you still got some doubts, feel free to ping me in private or call me for any assistance regarding this application.

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