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Hey guys, Did you just start a Blog? Do you want more pageviews ? Do you want to climb up the Alexa rankings and be noticed in Google? Well good for you, that’s because after a struggle of year and a half. I finally managed to build a super complicated program in C# that actually bypasses Alexa’s procedure of ranking and gives you tonnes of views in very less time. I call it the Pageviews Booster and i am very much happy to post it on Professional Monday’s section today. This is kind of a neat trick which improves a your Alexa. Alexa or Google won’t blame you for getting numerous pageviews or anything. This trick is just means to other end to actually speed up your blog’s or website’s development process with simple pageviews .

How Pageviews Booster Works ?


I am gonna explain it to you in detail how pageviews booster really works.

  1. The program is connected to the Internet on the computer with a dynamic IP
  2. The program is forced to visit your webpages in numerous cycles with different IP addresses.(More the pages more better it is for the cycles)
  3. Each view will be different (i.e) from a different IP address and will be counted as a unique view.
  4. I use a Cisco Port Address Translator to perform this task more efficiently on my Ethernet broadcasts.
  5. And that’s pretty much it. I just need to download cookies and allow your host tracker to track me and it will count you in your views.

I’m gonna show you some proof so that you can believe in what I’m actually talking about pageviews booster.

As you can see, my old blog is pretty much an ordinary looking blog. Here’s where I actually tested my program and Boom!! Look at the pageviews bar at the end. It gave me a whooping 3,120 Views !! My Alexa boomed from 900k to 600k after this. Its pretty much working and safe.

What I can guarantee With Pageviews Booster :

  1. You wont get banned by anyone.
  2. Its not even detectable. There are 70 Billion websites, nobody has an eye on you.
  3. There are atleast a million websites that actually have booming views everyday, you will be one of them.
  4. Boost in your Alexa rankings.
  5. 100 % safe and secure.

So if you still need to improve your Alexa and Google ranking, then try my program to make the things easier for you. Thank you all and the price of the program is just 2$ for 3000 page views. I will improve your Alexa and make you top in both rankings and Google. Please contact me via contact page above if you are interested. If you think this article is worth sharing, then please share it and also please let me know your queries as form of comments below.

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