The Most Important and Powerful Features of Twitter – Hidden Options

Do you know any twitter hidden features ? If not, this article will help you knowing many of the advance features and hidden options you might be searching for. If you a power user of Twitter and have a lot of followers, then the first thing you have to do is to take care in exploring twitter more. You might have always thought of expanding your Twitter account more and more. If that’s the case, then this is the article which you were searching for. Most of the people who Twitter are not aware of some hidden options and features. These hidden features will make your Twitter account more fun and exciting. If you are tweeting regularly, then you already might have already come across these additional features given below. Twitter has become one of the most advanced and most branded way of sharing a short message with a group of friends and followers. The professional look of Twitter is attracting many people who get less time to spend their time in social networking sites like Facebook.  Few people think that Twitter is not that advanced and comfortable when compared to Facebook. But to be frank, even Twitter has got some awesome features which will never make you feel you are missing Facebook or any other social networking site similar to it.

Twitter is one of the biggest revolution in Micro Blogging. Micro Blogging was a revolutionary way of sending and receiving small elements of content such as short sentences, images, video links, and Etc. Twitter was the perfect example for Micro blogging. No other social networking site in the world had this revolutionary thought of sending and receiving messages in a shorter and a simpler way.. We usually see a lot of celebrates and famous personalities using Twitter as their medium of communication. Its not only them, Twitter can be easily used by any common Internet User who don’t have much knowledge of Internet and networking. According to the recent news, Twitter has over 100 million users and its still counting. And most of the users are youth. There are a lot of hidden features in Twitter, like sending video links, web links, photos and etc. You can allow some other applications to run with you Twitter account. Lets take a detailed look on these apps are useful in making your Twitter more exciting.

twitter hidden features

Twitter Hidden Features : Viewing Pictures

One of the most toughest way to see pictures in Twitter is by clicking each and every pic. Usually we have to go through each and every post your friend shares in his account. But now, you no need to go through each and every picture. All the shared pictures can be seen at a single place by using Hashalbum. Hash-album will allow you to take a look at all the pictures your friends has shared. You can view pictures in different albums and save them when ever you want. Hash-album will allow you to login with you Twitter account. When logged in, you can see all the pictures shared by your friends, and also the pictures which were viewed more number of times. You can view the pictures in form of thumbnails or take a slideshow when ever you want. You can search the pictures and albums and share them on your Facebook account too.

Advance Search

We all know that Twitter has a powerful search bar. You can search people whom you wanted to follow when ever you want. But the main problem is, Twitter will not have any filters to segregate the search. But if you want to search only the things which you want, then you can use the Advanced Search  obviously, You can find that option when you click the Plus option in the search page. You can filter your search by using Words, People, Places, Other categories. But if you want to search people in more advanced way, then use Topsy search. This will search people hidden in Both Facebook and Twitter. You can use your Twitter account to login and make a search  to find whom you want. This huge search engine will get you any person whom you are searching from days. I tried and found many of my friends from this service.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We usually use a mouse to operate our twitter account. Using a  mouse will make our work easy and fast. But instead of mouse all the time, you can also use some shortcuts from your keyboard. You can find some shortcuts when you press ? (Shift + /) in the home page. You will notice a window popping out of the screen, which will you show you a list of shortcuts available. Take a look at the screenshot below to see how it looks exactly. After that, you can see what shortcut you want to use and try it on your account. Each option has got a different usage, and most of these options will perform only in selected pages. But the common options like direct message (m), new message (n) and will work in most of the pages you browse. Just try to press the combination of keys which is shown in the below screenshot. Like you can press g h for home page.

twitter hidden features

Super Fast Login

If you want to login Twitter, you have to open the Twitter website and then login at the top right side of the page. But there is way to login twitter account simply from your desktop. Seesmic makes this possible and is an amazing social desktop application. You can directly login Twitter, with just one simple click. It runs like a software application and show you all your friends profiles in one place. You can change the interface with drag and drop options. You have to install Microsoft .NET application to use Seesmic. Similarly you can find Tweetdeck as one of other applications, which has the same features of Seesmic. You need to have Adobe Air installed in you system to run this software.

Twitter Hidden Features : Other Famous Apps

1) You can get updates from your Twitter account by using Google Talk (Gtalk). Just visit Chitterim and follow the steps given there. You will be notified in your Gtalk if there are any updates happening in your Twitter account.

2) We know that Twitter allows only 140 words to send you message. If you want to send a message more than 140 words, you can use Twit Longer. You can login with your Twitter account and type more than 140 words in the  status box given and post it. But it will show only limited amount of text in display and hide the remaining part in the form of file link.

3) If you feel some of your followers are missing, you can always find them by using Tw-Unfollow. Where you can find people who unfollowed you. You can login with your Twitter account and use this application. You will get a immediate notification if some one has unfollowed you.

4) Twitter will provide only 12 background designs for its users. You can change that boring background of Twitter with Free Twitter Designer and Tweet Style.

5) You can update Facebook status from your Twitter. This is possible by using Selective Tweets application with both your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Just you have to allow Selective Tweets app in your Facebook and connect your Twitter account to it.  You have to update your Facebook status, just add #fb at the end of the box and share it.

6) If you are using iMac, iPad, iPhone, then you can use Twitterrific to manage your social networking.

7) Hootsuite, is another application which allows you to schedule your posts and also you to access all other social networking sites at one place. You will find only two options, Connect and Discover. When you click on connect, it will display all the members you interact with. And when clicked on discover, you can choose the area and location you want to get updates from, and then set any similar updates from that category. You will find a list of people who are under that category.

These are some of the most advanced and hidden features related with Twitter. There are still a lot of other features hidden in Twitter. We will find them all and post as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions or queries, please leave a comment below. Let us your opinion on this twitter hidden features article.

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