The Best Way To Chat In Facebook Without Problems – FB Chat Not Working

Facebook Chat Not Working. This is the biggest complaint every Facebook user has now-a-days. People are facing a lot of problems when they chat with their friends. No matter what ever they do, they are unable to sort the problem of facebook irritating chatbox. Many people tried the best browsers which never crash to ensure that the problem is not from the browser side. I don’t know what Facebook want to work on the new chat system, but it is really annoying for many people. Few people have disabled their accounts too. Why this is happening ? No one has a answer for it. Well, whatever it is, we are still using the chat service of facebook to keep in touch with our friends. It completely based on your luck now. If you are lucky enough, your chat will work fine. If not you are being marked as a rude person who wont reply even if you are talking to them in chat. Yes, this is true, most of my friends think i am rude to them. The main complaint was, “You will never reply to us when we are online and leave a offline message when we go” I was shocked to know that, they were trying to chat with me and i am unable to see their chat boxes popping up in my facebook account. There are many reasons for Facebook chat for not functioning well.

Facebook Chat Not Working :

Facebook Chat Not Working

I will give you a amazing way to stay connected with your friends even if you are not logged in Facebook account from any browser. All you have to do is to follow the article below with all necessary steps and also try to complete the steps by following the article below.

Facebook Chat Not Working

  1. First you need a Yahoo Email Account.
  2. If you already have a yahoo account then Download the latest Yahoo Messenger.
  3. After downloading the messenger, just install it as you would install any normal application.
  4. Now login your Yahoo Messenger with your yahoo id.
  5. Usually at the first installation, the yahoo messenger will ask you whether you want to merge your facebook account with the yahoo messenger or not. Say yes and let it add all your contacts.
  6. Remember to allow the Yahoo application in Facebook when you are merging the yahoo id with Facebook. So keep your facebook account open in any browser.
  7. After the authentication and the conformation, you can see a list of friends listed on your yahoo messenger.
  8. Check out for the section called Facebook Friends where you can see all your friends online.
  9. You can chat with any of your friend from the messenger itself.
  10. If you have further more doubts on how it functions, you can check our previous article on How To Connect Yahoo Messenger With Facebook

We are uploading a picture below to show you how exactly the messenger looks when we merge Facebook with it. You can enjoy chatting with your friends and also can see who is coming online and who is going offline. This is the best way to stay connected with your friends now. Earlier the Facebook chat used to have a pop out option which was very useful. But now, even that is disabled. So, it think this is the best way to chat with your facebook friends. If you have any doubts, just leave a query below. I will guide you to have a better Facebook chat experience. Now you no need to tell everyone that my Facebook Chat Not Working.


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