Skyrim 1.5 Update for Xbox and PS3 – April 2012 Console Release

Finally here’s the good news for the Skyrim console players. People who had trouble playing skyrim with unfixable or refreshable glitches, now no need to get disappointed. Bethesda has just announced that the availability of Skyrim 1.5 update. It will be available for both the consoles Xbox and PS3. For the Xbox owners, the patch is available via Xbox LIVE meanwhile the PS3 owners need to wait a little while and have to be patient. Now you might ask, what exactly is Skyrim 1.5 offering the console players. We have the standard issue features and bug fixes to look forward to.

Skyrim 1.5 Update New Features and Bug Fixes:

Some of the new features of Skyrim 1.5 Update include:

  • New featured cinematic kill cameras for projectile weapons and spells.
  • New kill moves and animations for melee weapons.
  • Smithing skill increases now factor in the created item’s value.
  • Improved visual transition when going underwater.
  • Improved distance LOD transition for snowy landscapes.

We shall talk about just a few bug fixes to keep the article short and keep you interested.

  •  Few general crash fixes and memory optimizations.
  • Fixed issue with Deflect arros, Farkas, Weapon racks, Rescue missions, Calixto death fail bug, improper skills, ebony dagger, Sanguine Rose, sun and a lot of other bugs.

Its time to say goodbye to the old crashes which include the Deflect Arrows perk not calculating properly is no longer a thorn in the flesh. The death of select NPCs in “A Cornered Rat” will no longer blocks progression as well. Not for forget the “Report to the Jarl of Whiterun” quest which just remains in your miscellaneous quest menu forever.

Now that you are excited within your mind, why not have a visual taste of how the game looks after the update and keep yourself happy? For more information about the Skyrim 1.5 Update, Please go through this link : Skyrim 1.5 Update Hitting Consoles

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