Top 5 Best Pen Tablets for Digital Artists – Guide on Graphics Tablet

Nowadays, most of the film producers and private firms are advertising through digital concept art.  So professional digital artists are hired often and the opportunity for these kind of  jobs are increasing day by day. So if you are a professional artist or just an artist by passion. You might want to have a handy pen tablet that makes drawing and painting easy for you to achieve that photo realism through your art and make them come to life. Working with these pen tablets is very much efficient and time saving. If you are a good digital artist, then you got to know about these pen tablets and how important they are.

Why do you need these top pen tablets ? 

Because they make your work real easy, it might be a little bumpy in the beginning to get used to it but later on when you get a hang on it, you are a professional. A digital pen tablet can help you achieve what you cant do with a mouse. Usually mouse is designed to only output binary actions. Pen tablets have pressure points, that is, you can get dark and thicker strokes when more pressure is applied and thinner or lighter strokes when less pressure is applied.The pressure-sensitivity can control line thickness, transparency, and/or color. Another reason why you need a pen tablet is that, it improves your creativity persuading you to achieve those amazing results. You also have that miracle button called the “undo” button that saves you a lot of time  compared to when done on a computer with any good mouse you have.

Now let’s look at the coolpctips list of the top pen tablets for digital artists.

1) Wacom Intuos 4 6X8-Inch Pen Tablettop pen tablets

Certainly the best tablet in the world has got to belong to Wacom, no surprise. Wacom Intuos is a complete professional designing tool that is almost used in every animation industry such as ILM, Pixar, Disney etc is because of the sleeky design and the comfort that it offers an artist while painting. It just eats away your time, makes sure you complete your work on time. The best part of  the Intuos4 is that offers a large workspace with a comfortable, lap sized tablet. It’s much more open to art compared to other tablets , with quick access buttons and a 3d mouse to boot! The scroll wheel is a nice addition and offers good control when zooming.

What’s so good about it?

– OLED screen shortcuts gives you better accessibility in case you forget the express key assignments.
– Like the previous versions Intuos 1,2 and 3, the pen is ergonomic and comfortable.
– It has more functionality because it now holds nibs. Convenient, since you’ll be needing to replace the nibs very often.
– Widescreen formats allowed in all sizes.

2) Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablettop pen tablets

The reason why I put this on top of the list is that, its one of the best Wacom tablets you can buy at a less price. The best deal an artist can get. The only drawback is that, the drawing panel is pretty small and takes a lot of time getting used to the tablet. And the rest, it has 1024 pressure points, you can achieve almost anything that an artist can. If you need to buy a tablet and you can’t afford to get an intuos, then this is the best option out there. Go get it if you are really upto it.

3) iBall Design Tablet PF1209top pen tablets

I’m actually proud to tell you that there is a tablet that tops the list that isn’t made by the Wacom. That is the iBall Design Pen tablet PF1029. The reason why this tablet is placed on the top third position is that, it is used by the professionals and incorporates alike, sophisticated technologies such as pen tilt support and a report rate capacity supports upto 200 rps. The design is sleek and satisfyingly thin to work on. Bad thing about PF1209 is that there are no custom colors and white is the only available color in the market so far. Another bad thing is that, its expensive (more than the Wacom products) and I’d insist you buy a Wacom instead if you are not looking for state of the art performance.

 4) Wacom Silver Bamboo Fun Tablettop pen tablets

It’s not the thing for pros, though, because it’s small.It has a small screen which restricts your brush strokes and flows, as they say, the bigger, the better. Working on this tablet will not allow you to do a high resolution sketching or painting. Despite its size, which is very tiny, this thing works like a charm. Simply put,this tablet needs to be loved for its simplicity and its convenience. Its something you could gift to a kid who loves drawing as a birthday present. He/she surely would love it.

5) Wacom Bamboo Pen And Touch Smalltop pen tablets

Finally we have Wacom Bamboo pen and Touch small tablet that has all the basic features a professional tablet needs to have. The only negative point about this tablet is that, the drawing panel is too small and gets too sloppy when working on a high resolution drawings as you need to repeat your strokes over times for achieving desired results. Perhaps this is the tab you can afford at a low price if you are just looking for a hobby just to fill that time up with something interesting in your daily routine life.

That’s all folks, hope this top pen tablets article helped you gain knowledge about the best and top pen tablets for digital artists out there.


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