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Have you ever tried to make your own browser ? Well, if you haven’t tried it yet, here is your chance. Maxthon browser, which is a leading Windows, Android super fast browser has introduced a new service to make your own browser. If you are using a Android mobile and want to try this amazing way of making own mobile browser, then you need to spend your few seconds with us. Many ROM developers, other groups and individuals who are interested in standing out from the crowd now have a new option for personalized software.

This new free service from Maxthon is now open to anyone who wants to create a customized Android browser. You can customize your own look and feel, content links, splash screen and homepage in your browser. This fast, easy way to create your own customized Android browser has been tried my millions of people so far. The best part is, you can find your own content, links and imagery in the customized browser which you just made. Its all up to you to design it and think over what to add and what not to.

make your own browser

With this free browser, you can get many benefits offered by Maxthon Mobile itself. You can experience the lightning speed, strong security, great battery and bandwidth management, addons in your own customized Android mobile browser. This Make your own browser service is a part of Maxthon’s ongoing efforts to make the web a high performance, fun and distinctive experience. You can create your own Maxthon Mobile Android browser in just 5 easy steps.

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“Make Your Browser” is the latest in a long line of personalized products,” says Karl Mattson, GM of Maxthon International/Chief of Product Development. Maxthon has always been offering new and fun ways to customize the web experience. Make Your own browser in one such service where you will feel the excitement to the core. Maxthon in a meeting said, “We’ll be offering our customers more and more ways to tailor their Internet experience in the days and weeks to come.”

How to Make Your Own Browser – Android

You can create your browser in 5 simple steps. Just follow the below steps.

Step 1: Pick a name for your browser.

You should enter any desired name for your android mobile. This app will be displayed on the screen of your phone. Look at the screenshot to view the image on extreme right. This is the name of the app as it will appear on the screen of your phone. To see an example, view the image on the right.

make your own browser

Step 2: Upload a Browser Icon.

You can upload any desired icon for your browser or leave it default. This icon of the app will appear on the screen of your phone. Just like as shown in the below screenshot. You can upload a JPG or PNG file less than 50kb and size 72×72 pixels.

make your own  browser

Step 3: Set Your Browser’s Homepage

You can customize and enter any URL to set your homepage. The default homepage contains a list of pre-selected websites. This homepage will be the first website which you will see when the browser starts. For example, you can set as your homepage.

make your own  browser

Step 4: Selecting a Theme / Skin

You can pick a theme/ skin for your customized browser from the pull down menu. To preview a theme, you can select any one of the listed theme in the drop down menu and look at the image to the extreme right. For example, i have selected Blue Theme for my customized browser here. You can always change your theme or skin later when you wanted to.

make your own  browser

Step 5: Upload your Splash Screen

You can upload your own picture here to set as a splash screen. This is the screen you will see when the browser is starting. You can upload any 480 x 800 image less then 500kb that you would like to see. It can be only a PNG or JPEG image. This image will be only available for few seconds at the beginning of your mobile start. This is a great opportunity to showcase your individual or company logos.

make your own  browser

And finally click on Create APK at the end to make your own browser. Upload this APK file in your android phone and start using it. If you want to download the Mobile version of Android Maxthon Browser, you can download it from the Google Android Market. If you have any doubts on how to make your own browser, you can leave a comment below.

Make Your Own Browser – Maxthon
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