5 Awesome Features in Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” You Didn’t Know

Its good to see that Android 4.0 is finally spreading fast including the masses, everybody now has a phone that supports Android OS. Well if they don’t its just a matter of time and they’re gonna get one soon. Everybody knows about what Android is, so there isn’t really much that I need to tell you about. So Android 4.0 (The 4th version of Android OS) called the “Ice Cream Sandwich” is now housing tonnes of awesome applications which you are going to read and have less likely seen them before. What makes Android more interesting is that, its amazing support for multi-threaded applications allowing its users to multitask, use multiple applications simultaneously.

So lets talk about the 5 Awesome Features in Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” you didn’t know.

1) A better Gesture Based Multitasker 

Top 5 Awesome Features in Android 4.0

Multitasking is undoubtedly the most awesome feature when it comes to Ice Cream Sandwich. Too bad it hasn’t been publicized that much, lets consider it a “heroic act” or “playing it hard” by the Android developers to prove that they’re the best and they don’t need any publicity. Just by holding down the center button, brings out a tiny window with a list of recently used apps. It toggles into a full screen view where you can know what apps are presently running, it makes use of lot of touch gestures which we love the most making it far more better than the older multitasker.

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2) Annoyance – Free Application Navigation

Top 5 Awesome Features in Android 4.0

Its time to admit that we are annoyed by the previous feature where the back button misbehaved inconsistently. Google never worked on this problem before and it was high time that they realized it and fixed it. Now you can simply hit the back button the the top left of the screen to hover back to the home screen rather than the last screen  you have visited in the app. If you see an arrow to the left corner, you can tap it to head back to the previous screen in the app. Nice and easy isn’t it. Now no more annoyance.

3) Top Notch Keyboard for the texting freaks

Top 5 Awesome Features in Android 4.0

Keyboards have been long improved since the very first version of Android. But after the release of every newer version. Well again,  it depends on how you define a better keyboard, what Ice Cream Sandwich has got for us in store? The features such as “better targeting” and improved “word recommendations”  are all first class. Third party keyboards like Swipe and Swiftkey are an added advantage but even without them, this is definitely the best intelligent keyboard ever. You hardly have to type all the letters of the word. The auto fill works like a charm and saves a lot of time. People are gonna wonder how you type so fast.

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4) Uninstall Apps right from the Apps Drawer 

Top 5 Awesome Features in Android 4.0

You might be experienced with the long procedures in uninstalling an app from your phone. Like, navigate all those big steps that include Settings > Applications > Manage etc. then choose an app, and then uninstall it. Pretty boring indeed. Now you can uninstall an app just by pressing and holding it down in the app drawer. Though you can only uninstall the apps that you’ve installed it on your own, you cannot remove those apps that came along  with the OS itself or pre-installed already on your phone.

5) A Night Friendly browser phone

Top 5 Awesome Features in Android 4.0

Of course you’ve used your phone after hours in the dark under the blanket secretly, perhaps, maybe not under the blanket but yeah, admit it. You’ve tried to use your phone, be it texting somebody, browsing those curiously interesting sites, whatnot. It is kind of annoying to have your phone light blinding you and obstructing your vision at that time in the night when you are supposed to be sleeping. That’s when inverted colors turns out to be helpful. Most of your screen is rendered with darker shades and only the text part or the pictures are highlighted with brighter colors.Just hover down to Settings > Accessibility and choose “Inverted Rendering”. So these are the Top 5 Awesome Features in Android 4.0. You can drop us a line, if you think we missed anything important.

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