Top 10 Facebook Games of All Time – Most Played Online FB Games 2012

Have you ever tried to find out the Top 10 Facebook games ? Well, i think now its time to reveal the best games in facebook. According to a recent survey of the all time app data and the facebook users, it shows that Facebook’s largest game developers are not only growing, they are conquering the gaming platform on facebook once and for all. Today coolpctips discusses with you, the highest played and followed games on facebook. As it is really hard to actually say which game is on top spot, as they lose tonnes of players monthly once the players get bored of it. But, there are some games which are on top and have their players addicted and they find it very hard to get over the game that easily.

Top 10 Facebook Games of All Time – 2012

We count down the games that reigned over facebook with highest number of players all time. So lets begin.

1) Texas Hold’Em Poker (Developer: Zynga, 7.8 million monthly users)

Yes, That’s right. Texas Hold Em poker is the highest played game on facebook since the beginning of time. Developed by Zynga, this game seems to be so addictive that it has a monthly players of approximately 7.8 million. Also, Texas Hold’Em Poker has always had a positive rise in its number of monthly players. Most of the players are from Australia where at least 53% of the Australians have registered to Zynga Poker. Texas Hold’Em has existed since the beginning of time since the initial stages when facebook started and has kept its players addicted  ever since.

Top 10 Facebook Games

2) Farmville (Developer: Zynga, 7.41 Million monthly users)

Nobody will forget those notifications that keep popping on your notification bar when you’re friends keep sharing those invites saying “Help the poor kitty, click here “, “Your friend has bought a new cow, click here to buy one yourself” and whatnot.A game where you play a farmer, plant crops, take care of animals, come back next day and harvest the crops that you had planted. Apart from the game that is highest played on facebook. In my opinion it is also the top game that shares annoying notifications. Anyway, Zynga’s Farmville holds the number 2 spot on the Top 10 Facebook Games of all time.

Top 10 Facebook Games

3) Cityville  (Developer: Zynga, 7.3 Million monthly users)

Cityville is that kind of game where you take the best out of everything and stuff them up into one massively hit game. Cityville along with the other Zynga games, seem to be the most addictive and grow huge number of players in a very short time. Cityville is a game where you buy yourself land, build community centers, hospitals, Fire stations, Police stations etc, These buildings also yield money once a day which you are supposed to come back and collect everyday to gain exp and level up. Cityville is one of those games which you should be playing in your vacations when you got nothing to do. Cityville takes the top 3rd position of Top 10 Facebook Games.

Top 10 Facebook Games

4) The Sims Social (Developer: EA, 6.3 Million monthly users)

SIMS has always been a game with huge number of fans and followers. Now it’s on facebook to rule out the other games and enter the list of top played games on facebook. Eversince 2000, the life tycoon game has never gone down in video game sales. Now that it’s on facebook, that’s a lot of money saving and a lot of gameplay. As the stats do most of the talking, The SIMS Social is on the top 4th of the Top 10 Facebook Games.

Top 10 Facebook Games

5) Gardens of Time  (Developer: Playdom, 5.9 Million monthly users)

Playdom amazingly has taken over the list of top facebook apps and games just recently. Hidden object games like the Mystery P.I and Mirror Magic have ruled numerous of home PC’s a few years ago. Now comes a fascinating game, Gardens Of Time on facebook where you need to use your time machine and to locate hidden mysterious object throughout time, and protect the world from evil forces, all this in a single box. With over 5.9 Million monthly users, Gardens of time has been attracting quite a lot of players. Lets hope it stays there.

Top 10 Facebook Games

6) Tetris Battle  (Developer: Tetris Online Inc., 5.1 Million monthly users)

Tetris is undoubtedly an evergreen game, be it a 3 year old kid or a 69 year old granny. Tetris is a game that almost anybody in this world would love playing at times when they have nothing to do. Now Tetris Inc, partnered with the original developers of Tetris are now ruling facebook with over 5.1 million monthly users. Tetris Battle has a ranking system where you can compare your scores with your friends and stay on top and challenge them to beat your score or simply play against them face to face. Tetris Battle holds the 6th spot on the list of Top 10 Facebook Games.

Top 10 Facebook Games

7) Bejeweled Blitz  (Developer: EA Popcap, 4.2 Million monthly users)

Popcap games,one of the best developer of arcade games and also the developer of the most popular arcade game-Bejeweled is now ruling facebook with Bejeweled Blitz. Undoubtedly a highly addictive game with different modes. Do you know anybody who hasn’t seen or played Bejeweled yet? If they didn’t I’m sure they don’t have computers or cell phones.   There isn’t much need to explain much about the three-match mechanic feel good game. Popcap has taken the right decision to launch the internet version of Bejeweled on facebook. Bejeweled Blitz ranks 7th on Top 10 Facebook Games.

8 ) Empires and Allies  (Developer: Zynga, 3.6 Million monthly users)

Empires and Allies, again, developed by Zynga. With over 3.6 million monthly users again has pretty fair number of monthly players that places it on the top 8th spot of highest number of games played on facebook. Empires and allies, just like the names suggests you build an army along with supporting structures such as industries with the help of few resources, wage war and win it! Battle out your enemy forces and fight for world domination.

9) Slotomania-Slot machines (Developer: Playtika, 2.8 Million monthly users)

Slotomania, the game that is entirely based on slot machines, there is no need for me to explain you how this game is played, or is there? Anyway, you need to spin the slots couple of times, with minimalistic probability of you landing three same images to win a jackpot. Widely famous in gambling in LasVegas and hence the description “Vegas meets Facebook”, pretty well justified isn’t it?

10) Diamond Dash (Developer: Wooga, 2.3 Million monthly users)

Diamond dash, developed by Wooga is pretty similar to Bejeweled where you need to match similar colored diamonds to break the group. Pretty well defined Interface for the gamers, but in no way is it better than Bejeweled but is the kind of game you need to play. It has over 2.3 million monthly users on facebook. Diamond Dash ranks 10th on the list of Top 10 Facebook Games.

So, what are you waiting for? Login to your Facebook and join these millions of players online. If you got any other games to share with us, please leave a comment below. We ofcourse have more games in Facebook what we have written above. But these Top 10 Facebook Games are worth playing.

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