New Facebook Profile Timeline Update – Visiting Card Look While Hover

Seems like Facebook Timeline Update concentrated much on users profiles this time. There were a lot of updates from past few days and these updates have changed the way ones Facebook wall and Timeline appears. It has been more specific and more clear with good icons and thumbnails. Once you have your Facebook Timeline update, you will have a lot of features which are ready to serve you. You can see a lot of  changes happening to your account. But still a lot of people are not ready to accept Facebook Timeline. They are finding a lot of ways to remove Facebook timeline by chrome extensions and Mozilla addons. Though these addons and plugins will disable timeline for your profile alone, it gives a satisfaction that we are out of timeline.

Facebook Timeline Update

While coming to the Facebook Timeline Update,  its clear that Facebook has concentrated much on your Recent Activity.  You can always check a recent activity of your profile and your friends, when you are on Facebook timeline. The updates clearly mention what was your last activity in various categories. Like for example, you can check what you have liked recently, what you followed, with whom you have become friends, which is the last event you joined, what you have read online, what you have pinned (if you are using any applications like Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Etc, what you have watched, and what picture you have added  to your Facebook recently.

Facebook Timeline Update

And this recent update which took place today (20-June-2012) will show your profile as similar to a visiting card, when hovered on a profile name. This new update is really giving a professional look and can be implemented as a real visiting card in future. Just take a look at the above screenshot.

Facebook Timeline Update – Creativity for Pages and Profiles

Its always better to make your cover photo and profile picture relevant to each other. Like if you are working for as a employee of a top company, you can put the company building or office in cover page and put your picture relevant to it. Or if you have a group picture, you can change it to just like this screenshot shown below.

Facebook Timeline Update

You can have different cover pages according to your choice. Its just creativity, which show your Facebook profile different from others. If you are not enjoying all these feature of Facebook, you should shift from normal Facebook profile to Facebook Timeline. This will give you a chance to show your creativity and professionalism. And if you have a Facebook Fanpage, you can show your brand logo and activities in a creative way, just like a screenshot shown below.

Facebook Timeline Update

And still a lot of people complain about the Facebook Timeline for pages. They say it doesn’t have that old look which drives more fans with continuous posts and updates. Well, i completely disagree to this. We saw a drastic change in our fanpage after shifting to Facebook Timeline for pages. The likes and fan communication has grown tremendously. Also the amazing new admin interface will track each and every activity of your Fanpage.

So what are you waiting for? Just shift to Timeline to change your profiles and fan pages. You have to change according to the technology now. It would be better if Facebook works on their Chat. Sometimes its really annoying. We will get you more updates as soon as Facebook releases one. Please drop us a line on what you think about this Facebook Timeline Update.

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