Facebook New Updates – Editing a Comment, Acquiring Face.com

Facebook has recently roped in many features like the New Interface, Facebook Messenger, Visiting card look on hover. Now Facebook is trying to improvise the user experience totally to satisfy its users. Gone are the days of Facebook when a user had to delete their old comment in order to rephrase a comment or correct a typo in it. Facebook  now allow the user to edit their comments. Facebook has added an ‘edit’ button to the comment box, so that a user can change his comment, even after he publishes it. As we can see in the snapshot a comment now has two options either to delete it or to edit it unlike before. So here’s more about the Facebook new updates.

Facebook New Updates: Edit Your Comment

Facebook New Updates

Once the option to edit it chosen the user can edit their comment or can cancel it by simply pressing the Esc button. But if the power to edit was given without any backup of the previous comment it could get disastrous. Just imagine a situation wherein a friend of yours comments as you are a good guy and in return you comment Thank you. Later on what if your friend edits his comment to you are a fool and if no one notices the edit, then you would be making a mockery of yourself.

This would lead to mass irritation amongst the users as it happened in the case chat bar upgrade last year, but Facebook has a solution for that too. Whenever a user edits his comment all the users who can see the post can see the ‘edited’ tag on a comment. Also they can read on the edit history as well.

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Facebook New Updates: Acquiring Face.com

Also working on the user experience development Facebook has also acquired face.com which is considered as the world’s largest and most accurate face recognition platform. With this, photo tagging will be a lot more accurate and easier than ever.

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KLIK is one of the amazing iOS app, created by Face Inc. This app has a lot of buzz in the market. Once the app connects to your Facebook account it analyzes all your photos, photos of your friends and the ones in which you and your friends are tagged in. This helps the app to suggest you to tag the persons. This app helps in tagging the pictures using the face recognition even before the picture is taken. Wonderful isn’t it, the app suggests you the name of the person once you hover the camera over them. If the app is unable to give you the correct name it shows you the top choices that fit in with the image. You can select the proper name and teach the app so that it can improvise the next time. Obviously there are limitations to the app, recognition of faces can be done only to the pictures of the people whom you know i.e. to the people you are linked in the social networking website.

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Facebook has made an enormous improvement in the photo section after roping in Instagram and Face Inc.’s facial recognition platform. Now with Facebook showing keen interest in improvising the user experience, let’s hope that it adds a Dislike button and allows the users to set a Custom status. Users can check the official link for the update over here Edit your comment . Also the users can check the official page for the face.com takeover by Facebook over here Face.com.

And apart from these changes, Facebook now displays a emoticon help box in the chat. Which means, a user can now see the list of emoticons and smileys in the Facebook chat. This will give the user a chance to check all the available smileys and use them accordingly.  These are the Facebook new updates as of now. We will be back with more Facebook Updates.

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