Norton Internet Security 2013 Review – 50% off on all Norton products!

Norton has been the go to name in security software for the better part of a decade now. From this year onwards, Norton has decided to drop the yearly branding on its products, since all products will now receive updates, both major and minor throughout the year. This means that as long as you possess a subscription, you will have the latest version of whatever software you have purchased. Nevertheless, for the most part, the newest version of Norton Internet Security, version 20.x.x.xx can be considered as Norton Internet Security 2013. So after being used for a month, how does it fare? Read on for the Norton Internet Security 2013 review!


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Norton Internet Security 2013 Review

Norton Internet Security 2013 Review – Design and Interface:

Like many other 2013 editions of security software, even Norton’s line of products have changed their UI to keep in line with Windows 8’s new Modern interface. It’s clean, minimalistic and uncluttered. Newer users won’t have difficulty in navigating through the main interface and performing day to day like scans or updates too. For the power users, there is a button to show a more advanced UI that includes options to turn off all kinds of protection, check application ratings as well as configure web protection options.

Norton Internet Security 2013 Review - Main UI

This change isn’t just skin-deep though, the change in design and interface is accompanied with full Windows 8 support, since older versions of Norton’s products and for that matter most other security software faced issues with compatibility with Microsoft’s newest OS. In general it’s a good looking interface, but the settings can get rather confusing and there’s no alternative to it.

Norton Internet Security 2013 Review - Advanced UI

Norton Internet Security 2013 Review – Protection and Features:

So looks apart, how does Norton Internet Security 2013 fare in protection? The answer is, it’s great. Since it’s a complete security solution, apart from an antivirus it includes a firewall, identity protection, browser protection that includes real time page scanning, anti spam, anti phishing, basic parental control and online backup as well. Beginning with the extras, identity protection works well and helps you manage your accounts and passwords as well. The anti spam module did a good job as well and pretty much blocked all spam and blocked only one or two legitimate emails, which I must admit were forwards with unknown links. Real time browser protection and anti phishing combined also do a great job of blocking fraudulent websites and the ratings are accurate for the most part, with exceptions for brand new websites. Parental control and online backup are basic free editions and advanced functions can be enabled by buying the respective products.

Norton Internet Security 2013 Review - Scan UI

Now for the most important part, malware detection and removal. Malware detection is based on both present definitions as well as heuristics. Every filed downloaded, copied or accessed is scanned first and only then it can be opened. The scan and flagging doesn’t take much time unless your computer is running at full load. For newer files, Norton first asks whether you want to open it or not as it doesn’t have too many online reports of it. However, from behavioral analysis it can decide whether the file is safe or not. It can go overboard a few times and place even safe files in quarantine, but it’s not too much of a problem as the file can be restored quite easily. Malware detection rates are pretty much 100% and it’s amongst the best in the business. Removal is quick and painless too, and won’t require a restart unless a critical system file was infected.

Norton’s firewall is very good as well and makes correct decisions for internet access on it’s own. It doesn’t let any programs sneakily access the internet and knows what type of access is dangerous. Norton’s firewall keeps track of all devices on a WAN or LAN as well, and a network map details every device connected. Both online and offline exploits are expertly blocked by Norton, so no complaints there either. All in all, it’s one of the best protection suites, if not the best.

Norton Internet Security 2013 Review – Performance and conclusion:

First of all, let’s get this straight. Norton’s products aren’t resource hogs anymore and they aren’t problematic to uninstall, install or activate either. Installation says that it will be done in under a minute and it really does get done within it and doesn’t require a restart. Impact on boot times were minimal, ranging from 2-3 seconds extra which isn’t a big deal. While working there isn’t any problem either, unless of course your CPU is already working at full load on something intensive like HD video rendering. Scan times are quite good as well, but not amazingly fast. Expect around 2-4 minutes for a quick scan and around 20 minutes or so for a full scan of a moderately sized hard disk. The crown for fastest scans still belongs to Webroot SecureAnywhere 2013 Complete. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a fast, safe, easy to use and good looking security suite, go for Norton Internet Security 2013!


  • Excellent protection
  • Good extras
  • Fast and efficient threat removal
  • Hardly any performance impact
  • Quick installation


  • Some extras require purchases
  • No included mobile security
  • Some settings are confusing

CoolPCTips Rating: 9.5/10

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