How To Add Custom Email Accounts To Your Smartphone

One of the biggest advantages of having a smartphone is the ability to send andĀ receiveĀ emails on the go. While most smartphones can easily sync with large online mail services like GMail, Yahoo! Mail or Outlook/Hotmail, it’s slightly more complicated to get your custom or work email up and running. No, it’s not very convoluted, it’s just that you have to enter a couple of extra settings for your work or custom email to sync since the server information is not preloaded. So here’s how you go about adding custom email accounts to your your smartphone, or for that matter, even a tablet or any mail client like Outlook.

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Adding Custom Email Accounts to your Smartphone, Tablet or Mail Client

So the first thing you need to do is go to your mail client on your smartphone, and in case of Windows Phone, add an account from the Settings menu under “email+accounts”. Make sure to select Advanced Setup/Custom Setup or anything similar.

When asked about the type of account to set up, choose POP3, you can also go with IMAP, but it might not be universally supported, so to be safe go with the status quo.

Now, you should see a screen asking you for incoming server, outgoing server and login details. Go ahead and enter your email ID as your login name and your password in well….the password field. At this point, you can do one of two things. For incoming and outgoing server, you can simply enter “”, for example,

This will probably work for most accounts such as emails on a host server, but is not completely secure. For a secure connection and IMAP access, you should login to your mail account, and there should be a link on how to setup your email client/configure your mail client like below:

How to add custom email accounts 1

Upon clicking, you should get clear instructions and server information for manual setup as seen here:

How to add custom email accounts 2

Now all you need to do is enter these details as is in custom setup and after some time, all your emails should be synced! Custom secure servers are preferable, so if you find the information, make sure you use that.

Let us know if you’ve got any questions about how to add custom email accounts to your smartphone, tablet or mail client, we’re happy to help!


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