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Many people were disappointed with the new Apple iPad camera quality and optical zoom. Usually the iPad photography can look little silly when you carry it in your hand to take pictures. But still it is too much fun, as most of us prefer Apple iPad to take amazing pictures. The pictures taken with iPad camera, are not that impressive as they don’t have the zoom capability as other mobiles or cameras do. So now its time to take your iPad photography more seriously with the iPad Telephoto Lens, (made by Photojojo). The new iPad Telephoto lens will take your iPad photography to the next level, by adding 10-20 times telephoto power to your iPad.

How to Get up to 12x of Optical Zoom to Your iPad

Earlier to this, Photojojo has created the Photorito lens wrap, which makes your zoom like a burrito. And now they have pulled off another amazing products for iPad photographers called the iPad telephoto lens. The iPad telephoto lens will get closer to your subject without having to depend on your iPad’s digital zoom. And usually when you zoom your iPad camera to focus on a subject, it kills the pixels horribly, and doesn’t give much clarity to your final picture. But you can take dazzling pictures with amazing close up views of any subject you want. You can snap casual candid shots from long distances, and still keep the clarity more better than the normal iPad camera quality.

ipad telephoto lens zoom

The iPad telephoto lens contains a manual focusing ring to add additional control over its shallow depth of field. It can also add a bit of vignetting and dreamy lo-fi look. So now you can hoist your iPad high and snap away proudly from long distances with loosing the picture clarity and detailing. The iPad telephoto lens were designed for people who travel frequently, and also who love to take pictures in concerts, landscapes and candid shots. You can unscrew the lens from mount for easy storage, and keep it safe in the portable bag from accidental damages.

The iPad telephoto lens works great for iPad 3, iPad 4 tablets with 10x telephoto power, whereas theĀ  iPad Mini tablets will have a 12x telephoto power. This gives your pictures un-pixelated closeups even from long distances and will make your iPad any less conspicuous as a camera. You an grab the iPad Telephoto Lens for $25 in their official website.

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