5 Best Web Based File Managers And Tools That Help Manage and Share Your Files

File hosting over the internet has seen an enormous shift in the recent years. With the increase in the amount of applications over the internet, finding a host to store these applications is quite necessary. The simplest solution is to opt for web-based file managers that help you share and maintain your files through various web browsers across the web. Some of them are really catchy and are easy to install and share your data. Sharing your files over such sites is as easy as sending a file via email. We’ve listed some of the best open source web file explorers in order to help you manage your files and folders in a reliable manner.

5 Best Open Source Web Based File Manager to Store/Share Your Files Online:


5 Best Web Based File Managers That Help Manage and Share Your Files - AjaXplorer

AjaXplorer is an open source web based file manager that has quick accessibility like a website. It is possible to sync your files to and from your servers from anywhere in the network using it. It offers you a powerful web based user interface that helps you remotely access your files by just logging into your web server. Plus, it is easily adaptable to small screen devices and uses a comfortable user interface on Android and iOS devices. This standard web browser helps you edit your common file and document types online without actually downloading onto your machines. The file is automatically downloaded for editing if it contains an unsupported file system.

IDC File Manager

5 Best Web Based File Managers That Help Manage and Share Your Files - IDC File Manager

IDC file manger is a secure web based file manager that comes with a host of features that includes shared folders, group access and all new transparent GUI. It is available in almost 10- 12 languages and allows you to store different formats of files including images, video and audio, documents, layouts, presentations, PDFs and more. It allows you to share every format of digital data without the access of FTP. The built in text editor, automatic email notifications, live preview and comments make it much more user friendly. It is easily installed and can be run on your server within the 10 minutes of installation. Once installed you can create multiple secure user accounts and set individual user permissions to access specific files.


5 Best Web Based File Managers That Help Manage and Share Your Files - eXtplorer

eXtplorer is a free software PHP based file manager that is used for browsing files/ directories on the server. It can be used on your web space and has a rich user friendly interface based on ExtJS library. The fundamental functionalities include editing, copying, deleting, uploading, searching, moving and downloading the available files. Unlike IDC File manager, eXtplorer can be used to login using FTP and you can also access it through WebDAV. It runs on any web browser with JavaScript enabled. You can also use eXtplorer as a component inside Joomla and also as a standalone application.


5 Best Web Based File Managers That Help Manage and Share Your Files - xUpload

XUpload is an advanced upload progress bar indicator written on Perl. It is a client side ActiveX control for uploading files from any machine to a web server. It allows your site to accept any file upload while displaying a real time web browser. There are multiple viewing options like upload speed, upload file size, time elapsed and remaining, completed percentage. XUpload handles your job if you run any virtual/shared or any other directories on different platforms. It is compatible with Apache, Linux, Windows, IIS platforms.


5 Best Web Based File Managers That Help Manage and Share Your Files - Postlet

Postlet is one of the best time saving tools for real time investors in their business. It is a simple Java applet that lets users send multiple files to a web hosting server and share files in just a few clicks. You can also resize images before uploading them. This feature is quite helpful when any web server demands bandwidth reduction, and reduces processing requirements on scaling of images. The Postlet applet automatically retries a file upload if it fails under any reason.

These are some of the possible web based file managers we think could help you manage your files through a web server. You are welcome to share any other file hosting services and help our readers to know more about sharing and storing files online in a more efficient way.


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