The 4 Best Open Source ERP and CRM Software Available Online

In today’s competitive world it is important for any organization to come up with the best business solutions and universally show the capabilities of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). But with recession hitting the market every now and then, even top notch companies providing ERP Software are getting affected. They are cutting down their IT expenditure in order to overcome the financial crisis. In a quest to overcome this scenario, the organizations are shifting towards open source ERP software solutions. These software solutions are highly functional and are very low cost. Additionally they can be downloaded and customized according to the needs of the company.

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The 4 Best Open Source ERP and CRM Software You Must Know


The 4 Best Open Source ERP and CRM Software Available Online - Opentaps

Opentaps is a complete integrated ERP and CRM application which aids you in managing your business effectively. It supports warehouse and inventory management, e-commerce, financial management, business intelligence, and supply chain management. It also offers robust operations, purchasing and administrative applications, mobile integration where you can access its operations from any kind of mobile platforms. Some of its features involve enhanced user interface and as it is built on a Java based platform it includes an object oriented domain driven architecture. Opentaps offers integration with some of the big open source projects like MYSQL, PostgreSQL open source database, Asterix voice over IP PBX, Magento e-commerce system. Apart from these there are many open source projects used by Opentaps. A minimum of at least 10 users is required in order to purchase this software.


The 4 Best Open Source ERP and CRM Software Available Online - Openbravo

Openbravo is one of the best web-based ERP solutions for small as well as medium sized organizations. The suite runs on any browser and can be used by managers and employees in any platform. It is appropriate for managing any kind of retail business and also quite affordable and fully adaptable. Openbravo improves project profitability and generates P&L reports for a specific or group of projects, tracks cost, performance of the third party vendors, and revenues. Some of its features include alerts, keyboard navigation, dimensional reporting, tailoring existing functionalities and adding new functionalities without programming. You can purchase Openbravo online and fees can be paid either on monthly or annual basis.


The 4 Best Open Source ERP and CRM Software Available Online - xTuple

xtuple is an open source business development software to integrate your entire company into a single system comprising of CRP, management, inventory and distribution, accounting and more. It was initially called OpenMFG which was a commercial ERP solution targeted towards medium sized organizations. xTuple helps you to harness the collective brain power of your employees, suppliers, other business partners, customers and aids you to connect with the next generation of financial business management. There is also another edition of xTuple called PostBooks which is free and open source software application and is available on SourceForge for download. PostBooks has a powerful feature, an open source report writer called OpenRPT, and also a full set of accounting and CRM applications have been added. CRM in turn includes project management, to-do lists, and incident and opportunity management. It is a cross platform software and runs well on Windows, Linux and Mac. The ERP system provides multiple interface options like an installable GUI client application, a web client, a web services API for third party application integration, multiple tax structures, multi currency and multi lingual translation packs which are maintained and developed by the xTuple ERP community.


The 4 Best Open Source ERP and CRM Software Available Online - JFire

JFire is a free JAVA based ERP system with no license costs and an extremely low TCO to customize. It is built from technologies like JAVA EE 5, Eclipse RCP, and JDO 2. JFire is designed to be highly customizable and flexible providing support to different sized companies ranging from small firms to large sized enterprises. Companies with an in-house development team can be able to modify the source code of the software according to their requirements. They can optimize the system and remove any unnecessary complications in the system maintenance. Its key features includes reporting, store management, accounting, CRM and is compliance to industry standards. JFire is powerful, reliable and is platform independent, supporting different operating systems like Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux OS etc.,

Compiere, Apache OFBiz, ERP5, WebERP, Dolibarr are some of the other ERP software available and help you to customize CRM, accounting, digital documentation and other project and business management. Any other great ERP software you would to suggest? Let us know via comments!

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