Moborobo – The Best All in One Android Phone Management Software

Android is one of the most popular and most used mobile operating systems in the world, there is no doubt about that. Since it’s open source, the Android market and pretty much the whole internet is filled with apps, games, themes, you name it. If like us, you love hoarding games, themes and the like you might face some problems with keeping everything neat and organized. Not to mention we all need to synchronize music, contacts and messages.


Moborobo is a neat little software that lets you do all of that and much more! This all in one program lets you completely manage and organize not only Android phones, but also tablets. It allows you to see complete overview of your device, including firmware version, space occupied, batter level and also all the content that is present on it. A full list of supported devices is available here

If your device is supported, click here to download Moborobo. Installation is uncomplicated and just like any other program. Once installed, start Moborobo and plug in your device using a USB cable. You might need to enable USB debugging and allow devices to connect for it to recognize your phone. If you’re not able to connect through USB or if you’d prefer connecting over Wi-Fi, go to this link and download the Mobo Daemon app. Once installed, launch it to obtain a unique code that can be put into Moborobo on your PC to pair up the device with it.


If you’ve done everything correctly, your Android device should show up in the home screen of Moborobo along with all the details like free space, amount of space used, firmware version and a few other things. It’s a neat home screen with just enough information and doesn’t look cluttered or clumsy. Now, you will be able to see a few tabs up top that let you perform all the actions. Let’s quickly run down the tabs and what they’re for:

Data – This tab lets you view, edit and backup all information on the phone like contacts, messages, call log and the like. It’s a handy feature that allows you to also transfer contacts in case you change your phone. Another pretty cool feature here is that messages can be read and responded to in real time while connected to the PC. So you can continue any messaging while the sync is going on.

Apps – As the name suggests, this tab lets you view and modify apps present on your device. You can install, uninstall and even update apps in this tab.


Tunes –  The Tunes tab allows you to synchronize all your music. It can even play music and lets you add, delete or modify any music or sound files on your Android device.

Images – For all the photo buffs out there, the Images tab allows you to organize and import all photos to and from your device. You can tag your photos or change details as well too.

Videos – Again, the video tab lets you play, add or delete photos on the phone.

Themes – Slightly misleading, the themes tab lets you only work on themes for “Mobo Launcher”, a home screen replacement for Android devices. If you’re interested, you can get Mobo Launcher from Google Play. Moborobo offers some exclusive themes that can be transferred and managed directly from here.

All in all, Moborobo is one of, if not the best and most complete Android device management software. The options to sync, backup and everything you’d need are present in a simple and usable UI. What are you waiting for Android users? Get Moborobo today!


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