WeChat: The Most Downloaded Non-game App in 2013

Crazy about instant messaging apps? Which one have you downloaded recently? Tencent, The Chinese Internet Company has made a huge profit with its instant messaging app ‘WeChat’, which was revealed to be the most downloaded app of 2013 in India. Out of all the million apps in the app store, iPhone users have been downloading the Chinese instant messaging app the most, it seems. The app has 272 million active users globally,just a few steps away from WhatsApp (with 350 million users worldwide).

wechat india

WeChat was modified and marketed locally by ibibo, the Indian internet company. Advertised by upcoming new celebrities, their marketing strategy seems to have worked. The cool stickers and various options made available on the app have spurred users further. Tencent invested in ibibo 5 years ago with WeChat becoming the key for global success. Expectations have risen for the Chinese company as they have now tasted a fair amount of success in 2013.

Tencent has been extremely smart in choosing a local brand to promote their app. Connecting to a mass audience through well recognized and warm Indian faces gave the Chinese app additional value. With the diversities in the Indian market, we should admit that WeChat has gone a long way to address its users. The app Weixin, which originated in China was built only for the mobile. It set its standards apart from the others by not emerging from a browser or web.

The major innovations of the phone app are said to be video calls, voice messaging and Phone shake to identify new friends. The app that is celebrating success has no worries in relation with other messaging apps. 2013 was a successful year for it and 2014 has a lot in store as well. The Chinese company has been a tough competitor against India’s bharti Group’s Hike, Japanese Naver Line, Snapchat, Facebook’s Messenger and BBM (BlackBerry Messenger).


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