India Ranked 14th in the Most Risky Countries List for Computer Infection

Are you sure your computer is protected? If not make sure! As the passwords leaked last week, there is much more to worry about now. A test conducted revealed that India is the 14th country at risk for computer infections through the internet. It was also rated the 5th country prone to local infections. Local infections can destroy the computer through phone memory cards, USB flash drives, cameras, external hard drives and others. However, local infections cannot penetrate the computer through emails or internet.

Malevolent virus

Usually we think that big hacking attack happens only in the U.S. or China. But, the actual targets are far away from these two countries. The users’ computers are targeted in varied regions. According to one of the top makers of the antivirus software, Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab revealed that the developing nations in Eastern Europe, Asia and others are most vulnerable to online assaults.

worlds worst malware countries

The number one risk-prone country for internet assaults is Russia. The country already has a reputation for housing the world’s most sophisticated hackers. The country ranked number one in both 2011 and 2012 as well. Kaspersky detected around 59 percent attacks of its users in 2012 from Russia. Other countries like Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India and Sudan follow Russia.

With fewer defenses criminals have a larger scope to attack consumers. That is exactly what the hackers are doing! They are targeting the countries which are less protected and getting all sorts of benefits from them. Developing markets provide this opportunity with millions of new Internet users every year and extremely less security.

world malware infection map

America ranked number 2 in 2011 but due to the security measures and efforts put in by law enforcements, it almost disappeared from the list. Russia is still at a great risk due to online banking and intensive criminal activity going on.

The data was gathered by Kapersky Lab products which were installed on user’s systems. The most vulnerable countries for computer infections are:

  1. Azerbaijan
  2. Kazakhstan
  3. Armenia
  4. Russia
  5. Tajikistan
  6. Vietnam
  7. Moldova
  8. Belarus
  9. Ukraine
  10. Kyrgyzstan
  11. Sri Lanka
  12. Austria
  13. Germany
  14. India.

Countries with highest risk of local infection are:

  1. Vietnam
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Nepal
  4. Mongolia
  5. India.

Beware and stay smart by updating your software time to time. You never know when you can be hacked!

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