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Change DNS Address to Speed Up Internet

Last month, Google and several DNS resolution and content delivery network (CDN) companies joined forces to enhance Internet speed by localizing domain name system (DNS) resolution responses. This move should reduce delays in downloading online content due to failure to find the closest CDN server of the

Top 5 Best Browsers Which Never Crash

Now a days people are facing lot of problems with there browsers, as they often crash while working on something important. No matter how lite the browser may be, people still find difficulties in using them with peace. I am not a rebel of Google Chrome and

A Better Browser than Google Chrome

Yes, it’s true I am now using a very good and fast browser which is far better than Google chrome and Internet Explorer. The browser name is Maxthon 3.0 which is really cool. And before using Maxthon, I was using Google Chrome from past one year and
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