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How to convert text into speech using Notepad

This post will teach you how convert the input text to speech using Microsoft’s inbuilt speech software by importing it using notepad.T his is a really simple notepad tweak. Its pretty fun. Just follow the given instructions and you will be able to do what the title

Warcraft DotA Online Multiplayer Commands

Hi guys , I hope you all have liked my previous post Warcraft DotA 70 Unknown Hero Secret Tips & Useful Items Online and been playing Warcraft DotA Online some or the other time with other international players. Have you ever wondered while playing DotA why players

Top 5 Must Have Tools To Play DotA Online

Today I’m gonna let you know the top 5 tools that you need to have while playing online DotA, be it Pub(Public) or Clan. These are not cheats or Hacks that are gonna help you exploit the game but merely simple tools that increase your flexibility with
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