ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 Giveaway Worth $800 – 10 Free License Keys

On the occasion of World Bloggers day, Coolpctips is conducting a giveaway to win 10 license keys from ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 worth 800$. You can win a 10 ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 original license key by just following few simple steps mentioned at the end of the post. Last month we have conducted a giveaway worth $600 which had good response. We gave away 30 license keys for 15 users. We hope you will participate in this amazing giveaway and win the license keys. PhotoStudio 6 is a popular image editor software with amazing features. Each license key of this amazing software is $79.9 wheres as you can earn it easily and free by just reading this article. All you have to do is to follow the article and participate in our giveaway.

ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 Giveaway:

Editing a picture into beautiful form is a big task for most of us. Most of us use Photoshop which is a costly and a procedure oriented software. You need to learn it to know the options and features it can perform. What if there is a software which can work as efficiently as Photoshop and can be understandable by everyone ? Yes, it is possible with ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6. This powerful and feature rich image editor can provide advance photo editing tools, filters and special effects. It can support RAW format and large image files for importing and editing. PhotoStudio 6 can extract an object easily from its background with Magic cut feature. The friendly user interface will allow you to work peacefully with your images and other files.

The straight forward design of PhotoStudio 6 will allow you to manage, enhance, print, and get creative with your digital photos. PhotoStudio 6 has 10 amazing features which can make your work more creative and beautiful. 10 most useful features of PhotoStudio 6 are,

1) Advanced photo editing tools
2) Add incredible detail, colors, and clarity with HDR
3) Supports RAW formats, large image files, and 48-bit images
4) Smart editing tools
5) Manage and print
6) New effects
7) Adjust white balance
8 ) Reference line
9) Face beautify plug-in
10) Transform and crop images.

Apart from these amazing features, you can also change your pictures into beautiful images in less than 1 minute. You can follow the 3 step modification process,

Step 1: You have to Import the images for editing
Step 2: Edit images by using various tools in the left panel or from the entrance and effects menus.
Step 3: Save your images and Print them by clicking the Print icon in the Print dialog box.

To enter this giveaway, you have to complete the steps mentioned below.

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This Giveaway will be closed on 15th May 2012. The winners will be announced on our Official Facebook Page and Group. So, what are you waiting for ? Download your free PhotoStudio 6 and install it to check out the amazing features. You can download the application by clicking the below link.

ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6

Note : Coolpctips is conducting every month giveaway from October 2011. So far wee have conducted 15 top class giveaways by our generous sponsors and partners. You can stay connected with us via Facebook Page and Group to get more notifications on our future giveaways. Also subscribe to ourΒ RSS feed to know more about more giveaways and free gifts. For now, you can participate in our ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 giveaway.

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