Twitter with Updated New Features for iOS and Android

Accessing Twitter everyday for latest updates and happenings? Twitter has just become much easier to use with the cool new updates! It has proved once again that it can really connect with its users. The updated Android and iOS version, packs a decent punch for its users. The text-only-affair direct messages (DM) now, allow you to send pictures and short videos from your phone. The secure and private sharing of photos in DM can only be viewed by the recipients instead of being shared publicly on the site. Improvising the messaging app has really worked out for the youngsters, who want to share their photos with friends or loved ones!

Twitter New Update

The Twitter team has also introduced a new tab on the navigation bar to access direct messages. Now you can access your direct messages that are just a click away! These awesome new features were tailored for Android smartphones and Appleā€™s iPhone.

Instagram-style features with a trendy new design have already attracted many users. Users can choose to receive push notifications, view Replies, Favorites and Retweets only from selected people. The updated new version is available on the App store and Google Play Store.

Twitter 5.3 IOS Update

For the first time on Twitter you can view and share photos through the direct messages on your mobile phone. Following the trend of various other messaging apps, Twitter has provided its users with this long awaited feature. Users can swipe between timelines to switch from home page to another activity. By swiping from the home page to discover timeline, you will be able to find new trends, new accounts and popular tweets.

Other great updates include plenty of flexibility in the notifications options. New in-app notifications alert you when someone sends you a DM, retweet, Favorite and reply to your Tweets. Android mobiles will give you an option to turn on mobile notifications for individual users by clicking the star on their profile.


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